Li Xiangdong picked up the chopsticks and looked at Chen Xueru with interest.

The latter did not shy away from it, and his eyes were drawn.

The two looked at each other for a while, and Chen Xueru was defeated first.

"After chatting for so long, I still don't know what you do?"

"Guess what."

Chen Xueru's eyes wandered, "Butcher? "


"Am I like a butcher?"

"Like." Chen Xueru took a closer breath, squinted her eyes and said, "You smell of blood. "

"Oh?" Li Xiangdong raised his eyebrows, "Is it? "

"I guessed right?"

"That's not right."

"Then you should be Orion."

"What do you say?"

"You're not like the people in the city, they don't have the guts of you."

"Actually, I'm very timid."

Chen Xueru gritted her teeth and said, "Then can you let go of my feet first?" "

"Strange." Li Xiangdong smiled and groaned, "Your feet and my hands seem to have their own ideas." "

A jade foot under the table was grasped by a big hand and gently kneaded.


Chen Xueru laughed, and then kicked forward.

Unexpectedly, Li Xiangdong was already on guard, and the whole thing was lying on the table.

Both dango knocked over their glasses.

"Hey, why are you so careless?"

Chen Xueru bit her lower lip, "Let me go, or I'll shout." "

"There's no kicking there."

Li Xiangdong squeezed gently, and Chen Xueru suddenly felt numb in her calf and lost consciousness.

I was about to shout, but I found that I had regained consciousness, as if the paralysis just now was just an illusion.

But that crispy feeling is not fake.

I wanted to tease it, but I didn't think I was eaten tofu.

Chen Xueru clenched her silver teeth and looked at Li Xiangdong, but found that the other party's eyes were clear.

What kind of color and soul just now.

"When the wine is finished, I'm leaving."

"Wait, you don't care if Van Jin has?"

"I just met him on the first day."

After Li Xiangdong finished speaking, he got up and left, not nostalgic at all.

But without going far, Chen Xueru followed.

"Settled the bill so quickly?"

"I don't check out. Isn't there still Van Jin? "


"You shouldn't have run out of money to leave so quickly, right?"

"You guessed it."

"Believe you have ghosts."

"Wine fairy" Chen Xueru half leaned on Li Xiangdong, "A little dizzy, send me a while." "

"Your home?"

"I ordered. The junction ahead is just around the corner. "

"So close."

Chen Xueru raised her head, squinted her apricot eyes and asked, "You don't know my shop?" "

"I've only been here for a few days."

"Looks like I guessed right."

"Guessed right, but there is no reward."

Chen Xueru snorted, "You big man is so boring. "

"It's enough for a man to be big, interesting and not to eat."


Chen Xueru's silk shop is very close, and it doesn't take five minutes to walk at a normal speed.

But the two walked for more than ten minutes.

"Come and sit in my shop, your fabric is terrible. Make you a new set. "

"Do you want money?"

"You don't want money. Then you take me out of town to hunt next time. "

"Aren't you afraid I'll sell you?"

"Are you willing to do it?"

Gee, what a leprechaun!

Chen Xueru began to help Li Xiangdong measure the size closely.

"In the future, if you want to make clothes, come to me, not counting your labor costs."

"Then forget it."

"Don't believe in my craft?"

Li Xiangdong looked down at the slender jade hand measuring the size, and said with a smile, "Xin, your craftsmanship must be great!" "

Chen Xueru squatted down to measure the length of her legs, raised her head and glanced at Li Xiangdong, which was very amorous.

She is not Xiaobai.

But Li Xiangdong's directness made her a little overwhelmed.

But she wasn't disgusted.

Sunshine, tall, but also very humorous, no impatience.

And know how to sultry.

The whole body exudes a unique masculine charm.

There is another important point.

The smell on Li Xiangdong's body was very good, faint, and she liked it very much.

Unlike the drinkers in the tavern, who smell badly and hunched over their chests, face full of grease, and feel very attractive.

Seeing her show a little calf, her eyes are about to fall to the ground.

Chen Xueru stood up and stood on tiptoe before barely grabbing the position of Li Xiangdong's chest.

"When do you have time to pick up your clothes?"

"See when you're done?"

"If I do it today, I'm afraid it's a little late."

"It's okay, I can wait one night."

The two got closer and closer.

Suddenly, a coughing sound interrupted the eye contact between the two.

"Brother Dong?"

Li Xiangdong turned his head to look at a man and a woman who entered the store.

Xu Damao, and Lou Xiao'e, who has not yet lived in the courtyard.

Chen Xueru quietly took a step back, "Xiao'e? Long time no see. "

Seeing Chen Xueru, who was like a flower, Xu Damao's eyes lit up.

So beautiful!

Much more beautiful than Lou Xiao'e next to him.

But Xu Damao quickly converged his expression, and Li Xiangdong was still here.

And just now the two were extremely close, as if hugging together.

Xu Damao was envious and jealous in his heart.

To spend a good night with a beauty like Chen Xueru is really willing to live for ten years!

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