Li Xiangdong saw that Chen Xueru still knew Lou Xiao'e, and he couldn't help but be a little surprised.

Originally, the people of the two worlds still intersected.

Maybe it's not exactly the plot of the TV here.

The timeline is also different from what he knows.

Li Xiangdong looked at Lou Xiao'e, who was neatly dressed and clean, and the temperament of the rich family was indeed different.

After listening to the two women chatting for a while, Li Xiangdong roughly understood.

The Lou family is very famous in Sijiu City, and Lou Xiao'e would come here from time to time to customize the cheongsam.

As soon as they came and went, the two women became familiar.

Li Xiangdong sat in the shop listening to the two women gossiping, but soon the topic shifted to him.

But without him introducing himself, Xu Damao, who had always wanted to interject, helped introduce him.

"Brother Dong is visiting relatives, and his aunt lives in our yard."

"You don't know, Brother Dong is very powerful."

"I don't have to say anything about my hunting skills."

"The strength is still very strong!"

Li Xiangdong looked at Xu Damao with a smile.

The latter's words seem to be praise, but in fact they are saying that he Li Xiangdong came to the countryside.

Not a city person, no serious work, can hunt.

But in the city, what can a hunter do, with great strength, go to the dock to carry something?

Xu Damao avoided Li Xiangdong's gaze with some weakness.

He didn't want to be a marginal person in front of two beautiful women.

Either way, he can ride it high.

Although the Lou family is now in decline, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse.

There are still certain network resources in secret.

Not to mention property.

He didn't believe that the Lou family would hand over all the assets.

Some will definitely be kept privately, and the family heirlooms will definitely not be handed over.

And Chen Xueru is also fragrant.

Beautiful people, good figure, and a silk shop, managed by himself.

The conditions are better than Lou Xiao'e.

But Xu Damao also has self-knowledge.

He was able to get so close to Lou Xiao'e because something happened to the Lou family.

And he has a clean background, and there is no problem in checking three generations up.

Work is also one of the most popular "eight members".

Salesmen, postmen, drivers, barbers, childcare workers, cooks, literary workers, and projectionists.

Playing movies is a technical job, and demand exceeds supply.

And every time you go outside to show a movie, you can earn a lot of extra money by doing a little trick.

Not to mention the money tickets, there will be no less agricultural products.

Days are guaranteed.

A clean background and a worry-free life are his greatest strengths.

Xu Damao's focus was still on Lou Xiao'e, but this did not prevent him from coveting Chen Xueru.

When praising people, they often both praise and say some jokes.

Li Xiangdong said in his heart that although Xu Damao is a sinister villain, he does have a set of feelings between men and women.

No wonder some people evaluate Xu Damao as a love saint and has affairs with many women.

Walking between several women, nothing major has happened.

The only nemesis is the silly column.

But now that he lives in the courtyard, something should change.

Li Xiangdong stood up, "It's not early, come and get clothes another day." I went first. "

Chen Xueru, who was chatting happily, immediately stood up, "Then you come over tomorrow afternoon to get it, and I'll catch up in the evening." "

"No rush. I'll come over when it's empty. "

"Where do you live? I can send it to you when I'm empty. "

"No. 57 South Luoguxiang."

"Got it."

Li Xiangdong just left.

Xu Damao's eyes dripped and turned, remembering that when the two first came, they were sticking together, and it turned out to be to make clothes.

An idea suddenly popped up in my heart.

Lou Xiao'e was also not good to bother all the time, so she also took her leave.

Xu Damao offered to send Lou Xiao'e back.


After more than half an hour, Xu Damao came again.

When he entered the door, he just saw Chen Xueru bending down to take the satin, and the proud curve immediately straightened Xu Damao's eyes.

Chen Xueru caught a glimpse of Xu Damao, who was almost drooling, and a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.

I haven't eaten what is in the bowl, but I still think about what is in the pot.

If you want to spend your heart, you don't want to see if you have that capital.

I thought I was Li Xiangdong.

"Sister Xueru, I also want to make a set of clothes."

Xu Damao, who was looking forward to close contact, said seriously.

But Chen Xueru just shouted, "Xiaohong, come out and help the guests measure the size." "

"Which fabric to fancy, just tell Xiaohong." I drank some wine and I won't entertain you. "

Xu Damao looked at Xiaohong, who was almost as strong as himself, and everyone was stupid.

Like a puppet, he was dragged by Little Red to measure the size.

In the end, the most expensive cloth was decided.

Although he is not poor in money and the texture of the cloth is good, the whole experience is very poor.

What he wanted was the same treatment as Li Xiangdong.

But he didn't know that Li Xiangdong and Chen Xueru were brothers and sisters, and they had a good relationship.

Xu Damao had another plan and explained that Xiaohong's clothes would be done tomorrow.

He came to pick it up in the afternoon at the latest.

But Xiaohong did not agree, saying that there were still many people to do it ahead, and it would be three days at the earliest.

Xu Damao wanted to scold his mother, why could Li Xiangdong take it tomorrow.

In the end, he could only add money to cut in the queue, begging Xiaohong to adjust his position forward.

Getting an affirmative answer, Xu Damao had to thank Xiaohong vigorously.

The treatment of the two can be described as a world of difference!

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