After Xu Damao ran away, he cursed and went back to the courtyard.

He had already come once in the morning, and when he went back, he heard that Li Xiangdong was going hunting, so he came again.

I want to use this to chat with Chen Xueru.

Anyway, he also ordered clothes, whether it was good or not, there was a reason to come.

I just didn't expect to hear some strange sounds.

I also saw Li Xiangdong coming out of the inner room, and everyone was stupid.

Xu Damao saw the three mothers in the courtyard discussing Li Xiangdong there.

It is said that this time it will definitely be able to hit a lot of prey again.

Xu Damao couldn't help but say, "The prey that hit the fart, people didn't hunt at all." "

"Isn't it? In the morning I saw him go out with a bow and arrows on his back, and told me to go hunting. "

"What do people say, what do you believe?"


The three mothers glared, "You eat gunpowder, people can hit wild boars, that is people's ability." If you have the ability, you can also go! "

"I don't need it, someone else will send me."


Several people burst out laughing when they heard this.

"Da Mao, who can send you a wild boar?"

"Who wouldn't brag?"

"Study hard with Xiangdong, don't engage in crooked ways."

"It is."

Xu Damao was so angry that his body trembled, but he couldn't refute it.

"I'm too lazy to pay attention to you. When he hits his prey, will he divide you with a piece of meat? "

"We got it."

"That's what he sold to you, three pounds a pound, it's too black-hearted! Profiteer! Labor and management are going to report him. "

The atmosphere suddenly quieted!

Xu Damao thought that everyone was shocked, and said proudly, "Don't believe it? He called speculation. "

The three mothers kept making eye contact and signaled Xu Damao not to say anything.

Xu Damao, who realized that something was wrong, slowly turned his head.

"East, Brother Dong."

Li Xiangdong carried a bow and arrow on his back and a wild duck, and asked with a smile, "Who are you going to report?" "


Xu Damao raised and slapped himself, "Snap"!

"I made a slip of the tongue, I have a!"

"Brother Dong, don't be familiar with me."

Li Xiangdong smiled, put his arm around Xu Damao and walked in, "How could it be." "


Xu Damao's neck was clamped, and it was suddenly difficult to breathe!

I couldn't even shout, and I felt like I was going to suffocate.

Li Xiangdong casually threw the duck to the three mothers.

"Help kill the duck, duck feathers and duck butt."

The three mothers took it happily, "Okay, I know how to kill ducks." "

Several other aunts were a little envious.

Duck feathers can be exchanged for food, or for daily necessities.

The duck butt is not good, but it is also meat.

There is also duck blood, which is also delicious when boiled!

Everyone immediately began to slap horses!

"To the east is awesome!"

"This mallard is so fat. At least five or six pounds, right? "

"If anyone marries Xiangdong, it will be a great blessing!"


Li Xiangdong nodded with a smile and walked inside with Xu Damao, who was bloodshot with a bloodshot face.

"Woo hoo"

"Dong, Brother Dong, I was wrong!"

"I really know it's wrong!"

Li Xiangdong opened the door, threw Xu Damao into the room, and then put the bow and arrow on the wall.

"Run and break your legs!"

Xu Damao, who wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, knelt down with a "poof".

"Brother Dong, what I said is all angry words, and it should not be true."

"Spare me."

"Is it okay to let me go?"

Li Xiangdong sat on the Taishi chair obtained by Yan Jiefang and drank tea slowly.

"Angry words? How did I you off? "



Xu Damao couldn't wait to give himself an ear scraper.

What nonsense!

"Brother Dong, I'm dizzy, I really know it's wrong."

"You talk first."

"I was really wrong."

"Say or not? Don't make me ask a third time. "

"I say, I say." Xu Damao hurriedly said, "Brother Dong, you are too attractive, I am angry." "


"Really. Xiao'e asked me a lot about you on the way back. It was the girl who was with me in the store that day. "

Li Xiangdonghu said suspiciously, "Really? "

"Really. But Brother Dong, you definitely can't look at it, she doesn't look as beautiful as Chen Xueru. The background is not good, very troublesome. "

"Then you're still dead in the face."

Xu Damao's face froze, he couldn't say that he was for the Lou family's money.

Now Chen Xueru is likely to be Li Xiangdong's person, if Lou Xiao'e is gone, he really wants to cry without tears.

"Brother Dong, I just see her pitiful, no one wants it."

"Okay." Li Xiangdong put down the teacup, "You want to report me because of this?" "


Ceramic teacups are crushed by pinching.

Xu Damao's heart suddenly stopped!

It was as if he saw a killing god about to behead him.

A yellow liquid flowed down Xu Damao's pants.

Scare to pee!


Li Xiangdong grabbed Xu Damao in disgust and threw him out the door.

"Change your pants, let me come back and wash the floor."

Xu Damao ran home in a panic, and then locked the door, feeling afraid for a while.

He had just clearly felt the oncoming anger, as well as the killing intent!

It's terrifying!

That indifferent with a trace of fierce eyes is like really killing someone.

Xu Damao was so frightened that he packed up his things and prepared to run.

But when he thought of what Li Xiangdong said, he didn't dare to run again.

As for the idea of reporting, it had long disappeared from his mind.

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