Li Xiangdong's anger is not fake, and two people were just buried this afternoon.

But it was also a good deed to bury the two dead brothers together.

I hope that in the next life, the two brothers will be reincarnated and can continue to be brothers, but don't enter the path of reincarnation, it's good to enter the road of animal life.

Growing up in a special era, Li Xiangdong has no longer had so many rules in his heart.

Maybe the world is false.

And the previous life was tired enough, and if you live a second life, you naturally have to do whatever you want.

Don't take the initiative to cause trouble, but to mess with him, you must be prepared.

Li Xiangdong did not intend to let Xu Damao go so easily.

For that ridiculous reason, say to report him.

The explanation was just angry words, I really thought he believed it.

The sinister villain Xu Damao can't do anything.

You can ignore the relationship between husband and wife, turn around and go to the Lou family to trouble.

Covert reports and threats are not less.

Some people remember to eat or not to beat.

At first, I was frightened, but then I couldn't help but start thinking carefully.

Li Xiangdong knew very well that Xu Damao was this kind of person, and he did so even more.

The turmoil of dividing meat before was already a lot of his adult.

At the same time, it is also the reason why he pinched the residents of the courtyard.

When it came to Xu Damao's mouth, it became that he threatened people, sold strongly, and threatened people.


If he is a bodhisattva, he has no temper at all.

When Xu Damao hesitated for a long time and entered the room again, Li Xiangdong beckoned.

"Brother Dong, I'm coming."

"It's okay, just clean up."

"Yes yes yes, I will take the basin and flush it a few more times, and I will definitely clean it."

Xu Damao looked flattering, but in his heart he had already decided to work with Yi Zhonghai to drive Li Xiangdong out of the courtyard.

Just now he finally eased up, but then he figured it out.

Li Xiangdong is more hateful than a silly pillar.

He lived here for so long, why did he want him to move.

Feel free to bully him now, what about later?

Times have long changed, not just fists to speak.

What is the way to kill without blood.

In the past, he could clean up others in secret, why not now.

Li Xiangdong looked at Xu Damao with a hint of teasing in his eyes.

It's good to be able to flex and stretch, but there is not too much inner drama.

As a hunter, Li Xiangdong's insight was already very keen.

After the physical fitness and five senses were greatly improved, everything within a radius of ten meters was delicate.

Even if Xu Damao only showed a different look, he could detect it.

There are two things that are difficult to hide in a person's eyes.

One is like, the other is hate.

Xu Damao's eyes may not be hatred, but there must be resentment.

And Li Xiangdong knows Xu Damao's urine nature.

Dogs can't change eating.

When Xu Damao washed clean, Li beckoned to the east.

The latter hesitated, but stepped forward.

"Brother Dong, wash it clean. What else is going on? "

"Do you hate me?"


Xu Damao was stunned, he didn't expect Li Xiangdong to ask so bluntly.

"No, it won't. How could it be. "

"Are you afraid of me then?"


Li Xiangdong got up and said, "It's okay to hate me." "

Xu Damao realized that something was wrong and was about to escape, but his calf was hit hard, and the whole person fell forward.

A big hand pressed Xu Damao's head forward.


The hard wooden table and the fragile forehead came an intimate encounter.

Xu Damao suddenly let out a scream, and his eyes flashed Venus.


Then Li Xiangdong pinched Xu Damao's mouth and stuck it in the corner of the table.

"Remember in the future that woe comes from the mouth."

Xu Damao's pupils instantly dilated, and before he could ask for mercy, a sharp pain came from his mouth!

A bloody front tooth flew out.


A mournful scream spread throughout the courtyard.

Everyone looked at Li Xiangdong's house and guessed what had happened.

But no one dared to lift the curtain to find out.

In the end, Yi Zhonghai, who had just returned, saw everyone gathered in the middle courtyard, and only after learning that there were screams was he ready to enter.

But as soon as he reached the door, he was knocked to the ground by Xu Damao who rushed out of the house.

"Xu Damao, what are you doing!" Yi Zhonghai was lifted up, a little angry.

But after seeing Xu Damao's face clearly, he was startled.

A big man with tears on his face, tears in his eyes.

But the blood dripping between the hands covering his mouth and nose was shocking!

"Da Mao, what's wrong with you?"

"What happened?"

"Did Li Xiangdong hit you?"

"You tell me, I'll call the shots for you."

Yi Zhonghai asked hurriedly, a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes.

He was worried about how to clean up Li Xiangdong.

Li Xiangdong's beating people like this will inevitably cause public indignation, and it will be difficult to continue to stay in the courtyard.

There is no need for him to find someone to help verify whether Li Xiangdong's identity is true or false, and whether he has committed any crimes.

Xu Damao was beaten, for him, it was a godsend!

Driving away Li Xiangdong, he was able to establish his prestige again and return to the days when he controlled the entire courtyard before.

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