Li Xiangdong's hearing was very sensitive, and he was woken up by the sound of running water and faint crying outside the house.

Opening the door, I saw a slender girl crying by the pool.

He Yushui was startled when he heard the door opening, and subconsciously hid behind the sink.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Did it wake you up? "

"Crying for what?"


"Did you miss your dad or were you bullied by a stupid pillar?"

He Yushui was stunned for a moment, shook his head, turned off the faucet and wanted to go back to the house.

She was a little afraid of Li Xiangdong.

When Jia Zhang was slapped and flew away, she was in the crowd, and the whole person was frightened.

And in the middle of the night, it made her panic.

"Do you want to see your dad?"

He Yushui, who had just taken a step, froze, and his voice trembled, "You, have you seen my father?" "

"I'm not sure."

"My dad has been gone for years, how do you know him?" He Yushui took two steps back, not quite convinced.

Li Xiangdong was dumbfounded.

This is, I didn't expect He Yushui to be quite alert.

"So I'm not sure, you can see for yourself." A person who specializes in delivering alcohol to the Great Front Gate Tavern. "

After that, Li Xiangdong planned to close the door.


Goo goo"

Suddenly, a belly sounded, and He Yushui's face turned red.

Fortunately, there were no lights in the yard, only moonlight spilled.

But Li Xiangdong's eyesight was excellent, and he could see the embarrassment on He Yushui's face.

It turned out to be hungry and filled with water.


Li Xiangdong shook his head, there is an older brother who is a cook can still be reduced to this point.

No wonder it's been so skinny.

What a mockery.

Li Xiangdong had the impression that after Jia Dongxu died, Silly Zhu coveted Qin Huairu and behaved and helped the Jia family all the time.

Jia Zhang's family was raised white and fat, and the three children also grew up healthy.

Only the rain has always been very thin, and a gust of wind can blow it down.

Being able to last so long, He Yushui is a strong and independent girl.

But in two more years it will be stupid.

He actually spoke for Qin Huairu.

When Silly Zhu had two choices, He Yushui also persuaded Silly Zhu to stay with Qin Huairu.

There are very few people in the yard who can see this.

The deaf old lady is one.

If it weren't for the deaf old lady who was hospitalized because of her bad legs and feet, it is estimated that Yi Zhonghai would not have gone to the police station.

Instead, invite the deaf old lady back.

Li Xiangdong was a little curious, and the deaf old lady treated Silly Zhu as her own grandson.

What will happen if He Daqing comes back?

Will he treat He Daqing as a son?

I guess not, maybe there will be a quarrel.

Li Xiangdong looked forward to the day when He Yushui called He Daqing back to the courtyard.

It must be wonderful.

Li Xiangdong turned around and prepared to close the door, he was not a fierce person.

But it's not a great benevolent person.

There is no kindness to find relief for others.

Life in the courtyard is not two sad.

He Yushui's own brother didn't care, and his father also ran away.

He was not interested in taking over.

He Yushui saw Li Xiangdong close the door, and he was relieved in his heart, and he was a little lost.

In front of Li Xiangdong, she was as powerless as a child.

Even if you don't get up close, you can feel the strong oppressive force.

When the door closed, she was much more relaxed.

But her stomach was really hungry.

In the moonlight, you can still see the large pig leg hanging behind the window.

He Yushui walked to the door of Li Xiangdong's room and raised his hand, hesitated for a long time, but still lowered his hand and went back to the house.

She was still a little scared.

A figure is hidden behind the doorpost on the corridor.

The eyes are a little weird.

He thought something was going to happen.

But after waiting for two days, nothing happened.

It wasn't until the sky was dark that the figure disappeared.


Yan Xiecheng brought more than ten white-faced steamed buns.

This time it was not bought, but made by her mother.

The ticket for the white face was naturally given by Li Xiangdong.

Now the entire Yan family is helping Li Xiangdong run errands.

Shopping, cooking, fetching water, etc.

Li Xiangdong only needs to pay a little food stamp.

It's a lot cheaper than hiring a person.

The Yan family was also happy.

Last night, I ate boiled duck blood, just like eating meat.

The duck butt was eaten by the three mothers, on the grounds that she killed the duck.

Yan Bugui kicked Yan Jiefang, who slept like a dead pig, before going out.

"I know how to sleep every day, and I don't know how to find a job."

"Even if it's as diligent as your brother."


Yan Jiefang was woken up and quite impatient.

But he was too lazy to respond, put the quilt over his head, and continued to sleep.

Yan Bugui asked his wife and others to wake up Yan Jiefang and go out to see if there was a chance.

Otherwise, follow Li Xiangdong to learn to hunt.

Good villains also have a skill.

The three mothers nodded and continued to do laundry.

Yan Bugui glanced at his wife's belly and said with concern, "There is time to rest more, and there is something to let Xie Cheng and liberate the dry." "

"Got it, let's go."

Yan Bugui said that it was time to find a partner for the two children.

Start a family, otherwise if it goes on like this, everyone will be abolished.

He can't afford to raise either.

The two brothers are not as skilled as Li Xiangdong.

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