Li Xiangdong gulped down the steamed bun with slices of meat in the middle, and Yan Xiecheng saw that saliva came out.

Their family also bought meat two days ago, but it was all hidden by his mother.

After two days, I tasted some shredded meat.

He had never tried the feeling of eating meat.

But he knew it must be cool!

Li Xiangdong casually threw two steamed buns with a piece of meat to Yan Xiecheng.

"Keep one for your brother."

"Thank you Brother Dong!"

Yan Xiecheng couldn't wait to take a big bite.

Although there was only a piece of meat, Yan Xiecheng was instantly overwhelmed by this huge sense of happiness!

It turns out that the meat slices taste so good.

Li Xiangdong saw Yan Xiecheng's satisfied face, tears were about to flow out, and he wondered, "You usually don't have meat to eat?" Your dad should get a meat ticket every month, right? "

Meat tickets are issued by household, and you should not look like you have not eaten meat.

This time Yan Xiecheng really cried!

"Brother Dong, you don't know." Yan Xiecheng cried, "My father takes the meat ticket every month to exchange it for cornmeal. "

No wonder.

"Your dad is not easy, pulling you so big, your mother is about to give birth again, right?"

"Soon, the due date is still three months away. I don't know if it's a younger brother or a younger sister. "

"It's my brother."

"Huh? Brother Dong, how do you know? You'll still look at it. "


Li Xiangdong said in his heart, "You will not only have a younger brother, but also a younger sister." "

I am afraid that by then Yan Bugui will become advantageous and have to calculate everything.

Li Xiangdong is not good to comment.

From a certain point of view, it is not an iron rooster, and it is really difficult for Yan Bugui to feed a large family.

The salary of the teacher is not high, and it will be windy in a few years, which is even more difficult.

But the wretched will have something to hate.

It's okay to pick a little, but I calculated clearly with my family, and Li Xiangdong didn't like it.

This also led to Yan Xiecheng's equally calculating personality as Yan Jiefang.

Even Yan Xiecheng is better than the blue.

Later, he opened a small restaurant with Yu Li and called his mother to wash the dishes, giving him money for temporary workers.

Li Xiangdong suddenly remembered something.

Many people know that Xu Damao cannot give birth, but they do not know that Yan Xiecheng cannot actually give birth.

Married for many years and without children, she wasted Yu Li's good figure.

However, this will be Yan Xie Chengdu has not yet gone on a blind date with Yu Li.

Yan Xiecheng, who ate the steamed bun three times by five divided by two, was seen by Li Xiangdong's eyes.

"Brother Dong, what's wrong?"

"You're almost old too, and your family hasn't found you a partner?"

"I can't support myself, which girl is willing to marry me."

"Then don't hurry up and find a job."

"Alas, Brother Dong, you don't know, jobs in the city are not so easy to find. But if I have your skills, it's okay if I don't look for a job. "

"Girls in the city prefer decent jobs, right?"

Yan Xiecheng nodded, and subconsciously shook his head again, "Brother Dong, girls like you." "

"Okay, stop."

"Brother Dong..." Yan Xiecheng stopped talking.

"What's going on? Hurry up and say, I'm going out. "

Yan Xiecheng gritted his teeth and said, "If you don't like that job in the rolling mill, can you sell it to me?" "


Li Xiangdong was surprised, "How to sell?" That job was my aunt's. "

"What can be operated is to cost a little money. In fact, the factory will not really check so carefully. "

Li Xiangdong knows that many jobs are now passed on from the older generation to the next.

But I didn't expect to be able to buy and sell jobs so openly.

"How much are you going to spend on it?"

"Brother Dong, are you willing to sell?" Yan Xiecheng said excitedly.


"Brother Dong, don't tease me, okay? I'm serious. "

"I'm serious too. Do you have money? "

Yan Xiecheng said embarrassed, "Can you owe it first, and then pay you a part every month when I pay my salary." "

"Yes, you, you have learned to empty gloves white wolf."

"Brother Dong, you agree!"

"Fuck off!" Li Xiangdong glared and said, "Mention this matter again, be careful that I smoke you." "

"Yes, I'm sorry, Brother Dong. I was wrong! "

Li Xiangdong picked up a glimpse of a thin figure outside the window and walked out, so he picked up the remaining steamed buns and prepared to follow up and watch the show.

"Don't forget to look at home, I have something to go out."

After explaining to Yan Xiecheng, Li Xiangdong followed He Yushui slowly.

Yan Xiecheng was a little angry, but he obediently closed the door, and then went to the front yard corridor to sit and read the newspaper.

The Yan family naturally does not order newspapers, this is the newspaper that Yan Bugui returned from school.

But after sitting for a long time, Yan Xiecheng felt as if he had become a watchdog in the past two days.

Chengtian helped Li Xiangdong look after his home.

The latter was reluctant to give him a job that was not rare.

Yan Xiecheng slowly grew a thick resentment in his heart.

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