Zhang Hongxia has not met the shrew scolding street, and even encountered a lot.

But like Jia Zhang, she has lived most of her life, and she has seen such a one.

Li Xiangdong asked Yan Xiecheng to go to his room to make three cups of tea.

Two of the cups were given to Zhang Hongxia and Fan Jinyou.

Tea is a good thing this year, tea has not been planted on a large scale, and there are relatively few types.

Li Xiangdong drank the red seal tea that he had specially asked people to get before.

Pu'er, Yunnan.

Zhang Hongxia wanted to refuse, but Fan Jinyou had already taken it.

The gazes of everyone were a little strange.

Li Xiangdong's boldness is really big.

The people in the street office came, but it was not false at all.

He also makes tea for people to drink.

I even brought a stool to watch the play.

As if the protagonist today is someone else.

Zhang Hongxia gave Yi Zhonghai a look, crying like something.

Yi Zhonghai had to squat down and persuade.

"Old sister-in-law, stop making trouble!"

"Tell the director well, how can you let us help you like this."

"Hurry up, don't be ashamed, okay?"

Jia Zhangshi became angry when he heard this, and reached out to grab Yi Zhonghai's face, "Who is disgraced!" Who is disgraced! I see you're with them! "

Yi Zhonghai, who was caught off guard, was caught in the face.

Seeing this, the eldest aunt instantly became angry, rushed to Jia Zhangshi, reached out and grabbed the latter's hair, "How to catch people, you can't talk well!" Like a crazy woman. "

The two scuffled together, tearing each other's hair.

"Don't fight, don't fight!" Yi Zhonghai hurriedly grabbed his daughter-in-law.

As a result, the eldest aunt was scratched on her face again.

"Yi Zhonghai! Who are you helping! Why pull me? "

The anxious Yi Zhonghai quickly shouted to the people on the side, "Why are you all stunned?" Help! "

The scene was suddenly chaotic.

Li Xiangdong smiled and sat on the side, drinking tea and watching the play.

Fan Jin was a little embarrassed, he was not the person in charge of this street, so he asked, "Director, do you want me to help?" "

"No need."

Zhang Hongxia handed the teacup to Fan Jinyou, then rolled up her sleeves and walked between the two, grabbing one person's hair with one hand and pulling it back.

"Let go!"

Fan Jinyou was stunned!

This is the first time he has seen such a domineering side of Zhang Hongxia, who usually convinces people with reason.

Everyone was shocked!

But the crazy Jia Zhang still wanted to resist and reached out to grab Zhang Hongxia's face.

At the moment of the attack, an enamel teacup flew over, and the "bang" hit Jia Zhang's pig's head face.


A mournful cry sounded.

Jia Zhangshi covered his face and fell to the ground and rolled around!

She felt like the bridge of her nose was broken.

Li Xiangdong withdrew his hand and smiled slightly at the stunned Zhang Hongxia, "No thanks." "


Zhang Hongxia was dumbfounded.

"Director, you have come at the right time today, and there is one thing I must report to you."

When Yi Zhonghai heard this, his heart shook, and he had a sense of foreboding.

Quickly interjected, "Li Xiangdong, why are you beating people again!" Today is to deal with your problem, don't try to change the subject. "

"What I'm going to say has to do with today's events."

Zhang Hongxia glanced at Jia Zhangshi on the ground with disgust, straightened her clothes and walked to the side, "You said." "

"The director already knew my aunt, and she died of illness when I came."

"But no one cares about her corpse."

"And her deposit certificates, money, tickets, all gone."

Zhang Hongxia's eyes widened angrily, "What?!" And this thing! Yi Zhonghai, how do you manage it? "

Yi Zhonghai couldn't care about the pain on his face, and said in a panic, "I don't know." I don't know what other deposit certificates and money tickets Li Yulan has. "

"The money ticket was stolen, you don't know. The man is gone, and the corpses stink, don't you know?! How did you become a grandpa, ah!! "

Zhang Hongxia's last words were already roaring.

She knew Li Yulan, a very good person.

But I didn't expect to leave in the end, and I didn't collect the corpse.

Still in the courtyard that she thought was well managed.

Zhang Hongxia felt very guilty in her heart, if only she came to take a look.

There is no such thing as this.

Yi Zhonghai's heart was weak, and his expression was nervous.

"I, I really don't know. I didn't know that Li Yulan was gone. "

"Not really." Li Xiangdong looked at Yi Zhonghai coldly, and then looked around at everyone, "You all know, don't you?" Just waiting for her to die. "


Zhang Hongxia looked at everyone who lowered their heads in disbelief.

This means that what Li Xiangdong said is true.

How can it be ignored to such an extent!

It's all a neighbor in the yard!

Zhang Hongxia felt a deep chill, what kind of group of people lived in this courtyard.

No, this can no longer be called a person, it is simply a herd of beasts!

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