Having lived most of her life, Zhang Hongxia, who has seen the ugliness of human nature, was shocked!

Fan Jinyou couldn't help but take two steps back slightly.

He felt like he had fallen into a wolf's den.

More precisely, it should be the edge of a bottomless abyss.

A group of seemingly hypocritical people stood right in front of him, staring at him coldly.

No one came up to push him.

But he was not allowed to leave, blocking his escape route.

As if waiting for him to be unable to bear it and jump into the abyss at the most desperate time.

Van Jinyou does not consider himself a good person, a little selfish.

Even for the sake of profit, something can be done that is accused.

But he never expected that human nature could be ugly to this point.

Combined with what Li Xiangdong said, he guessed why the people in this courtyard would wait for Li Yulan to die.

It is even possible that when Li Yulan was dying, there were already people who couldn't wait to loot money.

And those who are reluctant to collect the corpse because there is no benefit.

Or wait for others to collect the corpses and then divide up the rest.

If Li Xiangdong hadn't come, people from the outside world wouldn't have known about it.

Fan Jin has been in the street office for a few years.

There are greedy for money, lustful, and good face, but they have never ignored life like this.

If nothing else, at least every household in this courtyard has a person who goes to work.

There is still a minimum living guarantee.

Those who really can't get by can apply for poor households, and their children can go to school without tuition fees and receive a little living allowance every month.

If you are widow, you can also apply for a five-guarantee household.

Keep eating, keeping, wearing, medical care, and burial after death.

Even if I feel embarrassed, I don't want to carry the corpse.

Even if you talk to the street office.

They will naturally deal with it.

Those old people who have no children and no daughters are also arranged by them to be sent to cremation.


One quadrangle, dozens of people!

No one wanted to say a word.

It doesn't matter if the corpses are rotten.

It's okay if you're not in your own home.

Others don't care, I don't care.

It's all a yard neighbor.

Van Kim has his own and a person who does not deal with and lives next door.

From time to time, they will quarrel a few words and look at each other unpleasantly.

But if the other party really dies, he will sigh.

I am also willing to help with funerals and help with burials.

People are dead, why do they think so much.

But the people here are different from him.

Not people.

Van Jin was afraid.

"Lord, Director, I, there is still business, go first."

Fan Jinyou didn't wait for Zhang Hongxia to respond, and left in a hurry.

As if escaping a man-eating wolf's den!

Zhang Hongxia did not leave, let alone sit and watch.

"Yi Zhonghai, Yan Bugui, Liu Haizhong, from now on, you have been suspended and are no longer the stewards of this courtyard."


Yi Zhonghai couldn't believe that he had been fired.

He worked hard for so many years.

If it weren't for the arrogant Li Xiangdong suddenly breaking in, he would have always been the speaker of the courtyard.

And the courtyard has been turned into a walled city.

He has the final say in everything.

Here he is the most authoritative!

The whole courtyard is like an iron barrel.

But Li Xiangdong used brute force to break through the iron sheet, so he had to find someone from the street office.

It turned out to be the case.

He didn't even know who told Li Xiangdong.

If you know, you will definitely let go of this leaker.

Until now, Yi Zhonghai would not say that he had arranged for someone to collect the body, but no one was willing to move.

Because that meant he mismanaged and did wait days instead of doing it himself.

That turned out to be worse, and he was alone.

Now the best way is to pull the whole hospital into the water.

Yi Zhonghai gradually stopped being flustered, having lived for so many years, he understood everyone's temperament.

It's not just that he disagrees.

Yan Bugui and Liu Haizhong will not agree.

Among the bangs of official fans, only such a position can play official prestige and put up shelves.

Depriving the bangs of the position of the "second uncle" is tantamount to taking away the most important thing in the bangs.

And Yan Bugui is the same.

Being in charge is more than just a certain amount of power.

You can also earn a little extra money more or less.

There is no benefit at all, how can Yan Bugui do it.

Without the position of steward, for Yan Bugui, who loves to take advantage, it is to be encroached upon by interests.

The same unbearable.

And there is the most important point.

If all three of them are actually suspended, even temporarily, it will cause reputational damage.

It is easy to spread the word, they do things unfairly, immoral and incompetent.

In these years, money tickets are not as important as reputation.

If the reputation stinks, the work and object may disappear, and it will become the object of everyone's contempt.

For whatever reason, they won't sit still.

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