The unknown stupid pillar was locked up in the detention room, and it became even more noisy.

"Why are you arresting me? Catch Lee and go east! "

"I didn't break the law, why are you arresting me?"

"Hurry up and release me!"


Qin Huairu was also stunned when he saw this.

She also thought that Silly Zhu could help her communicate, after all, she was not sure that she could get compensation from Li Xiangdong.

But before she could speak, the silly pillar was shut up.

Qin Huairu asked, "Comrade policeman, is there a mistake?" Silly pillar, he was the one who was beaten. "

"Silly pillar?" Wang Baosheng wondered.

"He Yuzhu, the one you locked up just now."

Wang Baosheng looked at Qin Huairu and frowned, "What do you have to do with him?" "

"I, I'm his neighbor. My mother-in-law was also beaten. "

Wang Baosheng suddenly remembered, "You are also from that courtyard in Nanluoguxiang." "

"Right. Why is Li Xiangdong gone? Was he sent to a detention center? "

"Who told you that he was sent to a detention center, and he didn't make a mistake."

"But he hit a lot of people."

"He hit the people who deserved to be hit. Is your mother-in-law okay? Ask her to come over as soon as possible to take notes. "

Wang Baosheng completely remembered who Qin Huairu's mother-in-law was.

Jia Zhang, who was beaten by Li Xiangdong.

When he went to the hospital with Chen Haifeng, Jia Zhangshi was still vexatious and refused to cooperate.

If you don't catch Li Xiangdong, you have to roll all over the ground.

Li Xiangdong beat someone, but the cause was that pork was stolen and he was threatened by someone.

After Wang Baosheng confirmed that it was Qin Huairu's identity, he instructed again, "Let your husband and your mother-in-law come over as soon as possible." Otherwise, we will also go to the door to investigate and deal with it. "


Qin Huairu panicked when she heard this.

Gu Zhu was stupid and left in a hurry to go to the hospital.

Things have been reversed.

Now it is not for them to hold Li Xiangdong accountable.

Instead, Li reported the case to the east and pursued their responsibility for stealing pork.


And Li Xiangdong does not care about this now.

He and Chen Haifeng were rushing to the Red Star Rolling Mill.

After Chen Haifeng learned that Li Xiangdong was a member of the security section, the relationship became much closer.

The current security section and the security guards of later generations are completely different things, and they have a lot of power.

Depending on the unit level, the configuration is different.

High-level factory security section can be equipped with guns.

Individually there are mortars and quadruple anti-aircraft guns.

There are two main reasons for allocating weapons: First, to prevent the enemy from sabotage.

Many important strategic material factories need to be equipped with weapons for self-defense.

Another point is the training of reserves, that is, militias.

The security section of some factories is separate from the armed forces, the former is responsible for the security of the household register, the latter is responsible for firearms and ammunition, reserves, etc.

Red Star Rolling Mill is a 10,000-person factory, and the grade is not low.

The power of the Defence Section is naturally not small.

This is also why Li Xiangdong even threatened to change the accounting to the post of the security department with Li Xinmin.

I don't want to be a security guard who takes forty years less detours.

It's about holding a certain amount of power and being able to catch people at certain moments.

Just like now.


Red Star Rolling Mill door.

The aunt who had been running for half a day finally found Yi Zhonghai.

"Why didn't you come back all night last night? I'm worried about dying. "

"Shh. Doesn't it tell you not to ask more? "

"I looked for you in my bangs last night, but I didn't answer him."

"I know, I've seen him at noon. He wanted to tell me about Zhang Hongxia and Li Xiangdong. "

"What do you say?"

"Zhang Hongxia suffered a stroke and fell into a coma, wait two days before talking. Anyway, Li Xiangdong was arrested, and he would not be released for a while. "

"What if Zhang Hongxia wakes up?"

"Wake up and wake up. Can she win our entire courtyard with one mouth? "


"Nothing good, but. Later, when she is sober, I will have a good chat with her. Just a grandson, simply abdicate to make way for Xian, is it not good to go home and bring your grandson? "

"She agreed to let you go into the street?"

"Nope." Yi Zhonghai's face was ugly, "Don't expect her, when the best collective is evaluated this year, I will apply by myself, and then it will be done." "

"So what am I going to do when I go back?"

"No need. Just go back to cooking, you don't mix with a woman. I'll talk to Zhuzi, Dongxu and Damao. "

"Or invite the ancestor back."

"No need. If the leg is not good, I don't believe that I can't cure him Li Xiangdong. "

The eldest aunt suddenly raised her hand and trembled, "Li, Li Xiangdong he came out." "

"How is it possible! Stop talking nonsense. "


Yi Zhonghai turned around and looked incredulous!

"Uncle, don't come unharmed."

"You, why are you here?"

Yi Zhonghai subconsciously took two steps back and covered his neck.

Once he was bitten by a snake for ten years and was afraid of the well rope.

But even so, he still couldn't escape Li Xiangdong's big hand and devilish smile.

"If we have something to say, let's go to the bureau and say it."

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