The eldest mother watched her husband being taken away but could not do anything.

Before she could figure out what was happening, Yi Zhonghai was directly arrested by Li Xiangdong.

She recognized Chen Haifeng and realized that something was wrong.

But for a while, I didn't know what to do.

Next to it was the gate of the Red Star Rolling Mill, and the aunt hurriedly asked the doorman to find Liu Haizhong.

After a while, the anxious aunt saw that the bangs were belated.

"Old Liu, it's not good. Our family was easily arrested! You quickly find a way to save him. "


The bangs that were still a little loose were shocked, "What's going on?" Who caught it? "

"Li Xiangdong, and the Captain Chen who came yesterday."

"What? Li Xiangdong! Isn't he in the bureau? “

"I don't know. Save him! "

"Don't panic, when?"

"Just now, ten minutes ago."

Liu Haizhong thought for a moment and said, "Go, let's take a look." "

The two hurried to the Chengdong Police Station.

On the way, the bangs roughly guessed the reason.

It is estimated that Zhang Hongxia woke up.

But last night they were still in a coma, saying that they had a stroke, how could it be good today, and reported the crime to arrest people, it was too fast.

Halfway through the bangs, his heart began to panic.

Yi Zhonghai was arrested, this is a stall matter, and it is not a trivial matter.

At a small age, he did not fulfill his duties as a steward.

To put it mildly, yesterday's situation was incitement, which is a taboo!

It also caused the director of the street office to be hospitalized in anger.

Things could have been big or small.

But the more he thought about it, the more he was afraid.

Yi Zhonghai was directly arrested, which shows that it is not a trivial matter.

Pick it up yourself, isn't that throwing yourself into the net.

There may have been nothing to do, and at most he was removed from the position of the second uncle.

But if he is contaminated with Yi Zhonghai, who is openly opposed, he will definitely be implicated.

When it was almost time, the bangs stopped.


"What's wrong? It's coming soon. "

"It's not appropriate to go now, Lao Yi was just arrested, it must be because of yesterday's incident. Whoever started the trouble should end it. You go to the police station, I'll go to Director Zhang. Split up. "

The eldest mother was anxious and didn't think too much.

"Okay, then I'll go first. We must help rescue our family! "

"Don't worry, so many years of friendship."

The eldest mother bowed and said gratefully, "Thank you, thank you!" "

Bangs were a little guilty, and he hid sideways, "Don't be so polite." I went to the hospital first to find Director Zhang. "

"Then I'll wait for your news."

Bangs left quickly.

Standing at the intersection hesitated, he still went to the hospital.

He had to confirm one thing.

Did Zhang Hongxia recover in the end.

Thinking of last night's two indisputable sons getting drunk, he couldn't get angry.

If it's made up, then it's really a big mistake!

Liu Haizhong hurried to the hospital.

After coming to the reception desk, he immediately asked, "Hello comrade, I want to find a patient." Zhang Hongxia, in her sixties, was hospitalized yesterday. "

"Who are you?"

"I am her, her distant relative. Her son died in battle, and now there is no one to take care of her, I came to see her. "

"Wait, Zhang Hongxia, she's already discharged from the hospital."

Liu Haizhong was stunned, "Didn't she have a stroke?" Also comatose. How is it possible to be discharged so quickly?! "

"Who said she had a stroke. However, I was indeed unconscious when I was sent yesterday and was discharged from the hospital this morning. "


Liu Haizhong sensed that something was wrong.

He thought Zhang Hongxia was still in the hospital.

Thinking about probing the mouth, at least for now, it is just Yi Zhonghai who has been arrested.

If it doesn't involve him, it's best.

But I didn't expect Zhang Hongxia to be discharged from the hospital, and there was no stroke.

Liu Haizhong slapped his head and rushed back to the police station again.


At this time, Yi Zhonghai was locked up in the interrogation room.

His hands are handcuffed, his eyes are bloodshot!

Li Xiangdong helped Zhang Hongxia outside the window.

"Lady Zhang, thank you for telling the truth! Otherwise, you can't catch him. "

"What nonsense! Do you still think that I will be threatened by a few words from him? "

Zhang Hongxia straightened her back a little stubbornly, and said word by word, "My two sons died on the battlefield, can I still let these villains go for fear of not being safe in the evening?" "

"If he is allowed to go on like this, the courtyard will not know what kind of chaos will be in the future."

"Maybe he is still an enemy, lurking in disguise for so many years."

"Cough, cough, me off!"

Li Xiangdong patted Zhang Hongxia on the back, "Lady, you dissipate your anger." Let's go over there and sit for a while. "

After waiting for Chen Haifeng to come out, Li Xiangdong stepped forward and asked, "Team Chen, how is it?" "

"It's almost the same as you said, don't admit it, insist that you haven't done it."

"Can it be judged?"

"More witnesses and testimony are needed."

"It's not that hard. The courtyard was full of witnesses. "

"They have to admit it."

"Leave this to me, I'll bring someone."

"Don't be impulsive, he can't run away from this."

Li Xiangdong smiled slightly, "Don't be impulsive, you don't know the group of people in the courtyard, and no one will be willing to ride themselves for others." It's easy to do. "

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