Li Xiangdong slapped Fei Jia Zhang, and the picture froze at this moment.

The stupid pillar figure who originally wanted to rush out to save the scene, but showed some performance in front of Qin Huairu, froze.

One foot in the air did not fall.

Eyes full of shock!

Since childhood, he has been a bully in the yard.

Xu Damao, Yan Xiecheng, Liu Guangfu and others were all subdued.

He is the god of war in the courtyard!

But after seeing Li Xiangdong's move, he was empty.

It's terrifying!

He had practiced for a while before and knew how difficult it was to slap a person weighing nearly a hundred pounds.

And it was still flying seven or eight meters away.

Stupid Zhu was afraid that Jia Zhang's head would rotate one hundred and eighty degrees just now.

Then he would probably be too scared to sleep tonight.

Silly Zhu realized that he had just been playing with the house before.

If you go up, I'm afraid it's not enough for Li Xiangdong to hit with one hand.


Silly Zhu held his breath and slowly retracted his half-step foot.

But before he came back, he saw Li Xiangdong looking at him, and the stupid pillar was suddenly too frightened to move.

He felt as if he had become prey.

Life and death are all between Li Xiangdong's thoughts.

The silly pillar's movements are like golden roosters independent, which makes people laugh.

But none of the people present dared to laugh out loud.

Even everyone was terrified, afraid that Li Xiangdong would look at him.

Everyone did not dare to come out, let alone move.

Li Xiangdong stood in place, but his mind was not on the person in front of him, and his expression was a little strange.

The voice of the system sounded in his head just now.

After cleaning up the so-called Jia Dongxu and Mad Dog Jia Zhang, he actually received a reward.

It turns out that it is not the animal that is the prey.

People, too, can be prey.

When he decided to stay in the courtyard, he had already taken the birds as prey.

[Congratulations to the host for a silver lottery opportunity.] 】

[Congratulations to the host for winning a golden lottery opportunity.] 】

The prey Jia Zhang's reward is richer than Jia Dongxu's.

However, Li Xiangdong is not sure whether it is the difference between the two or the difference in the weight of his attack.

Try it again when you have a chance.

But now there is something else to do.

Li Xiangdong beckoned to the silly pillar, who forced a smile, "What happened?" Donggo. "

Yan Bugui, who had just arrived, almost laughed.

Some time ago, Stupid Zhu did not put Li Xiangdong in his eyes, and now "Brother Dong" is called.

But Li Xiangdong's words made Yan Bugui want to turn around and leave.

"What about my wild boar?"

"I was about to tell you, they separated. I took a piece of hind leg meat and wanted to give you a stir-fry plate back to the pot of meat. "

"Yes?" Li Xiangdong smiled and said, "What about meat? "

"Inside, you never came back. I didn't move. "

"Go ahead."

"Huh? Oooh, I'll go fry right away. "

The silly pillar fart, who never cooks in the courtyard, carries the meat to the kitchen.

Yan Bugui pinched Yan Xiecheng, who had no eye to see, and gritted his teeth, "Don't hurry up and send the meat back." "


Yan Xiecheng gasped in pain.

But far less than the fear that Li Xiangdong brings.

"Right away!"

Yan Xiecheng, who took three steps and did two steps, wished that he had grown eight legs.

Other residents in the courtyard also brought meat that they had been allocated during the day.

As if paying tribute, bring plates of pork to Li Xiangdong.

At noon, he couldn't help but cook a piece of meat to eat, and Da Liu "poofed" and knelt in front of Li Xiangdong.

"East, Brother Dong. Sorry I, I stole a piece. "

"I'm not human!"

"I shouldn't have stolen meat without permission."

"I was wrong, you have a lot of adults, spare my life!"

Da Liu was so frightened that his whole body trembled, and he begged for mercy with a handful of snot and tears.

But Li Xiangdong was indifferent.

Everyone is guilty when it comes to privately deciding to divide up the wild boar he brought.

It's just that the leader is the Jia family.

He had just digested the pulp cleansing pill when he heard Jia Dongxu's "bang" knock on the door.

He also said through the door that he took it.

The acquaintance left the courtyard early.

The house is also Jia's.

Li Xiangdong didn't understand who gave Jia Dongxu confidence.

A man dares to come to his door and spread wilderness.

After the physical fitness improved significantly, he only kicked lightly, and it took less than three points of strength to kick the door away.

Jia Dongxu, who was behind the door, also flew to the courtyard with him.

Li Xiangdong was very satisfied with the effect of the pulp cleansing pill.

Not only has strength been greatly enhanced, but agility, neural reflexes, and insight have been greatly improved.

Faintly beyond the limits of humanity.

Now clean up the disgusting Jia Dongxu and Jia Zhangshi and won two lottery opportunities.

Li Xiangdong is in a very happy mood!

Pack up the beasts and get rewards, cool!

This is how to live comfortably.

Li Xiangdong made up his mind to stay in the courtyard.

There is no need to set traps deep in the mountains to find traces of prey.

All the beasts in the yard can grab one at will.

Li Xiangdong showed a happy smile.

But in the eyes of everyone, it is even more terrifying than the devil!

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