The disappeared wild boar was quickly sent back, and although it had been unloaded in eight pieces, it could still spell out most of the corpse.

Some people have the heart of a thief to take, but they do not have the courage to eat it.

Li Xiangdong looks so powerful, they are worried about being reckoned with after the fall.

So they all hid the meat.

If Li Xiangdong does not pursue it, then they will directly eat.

But the reality is that the most jumpy Jia family is pressed to the ground and rubbed.

They had already taken care of the loss, for fear that Li Xiangdong would really pursue it.

Residents who ate the meat were begging Li Xiangdong for forgiveness.

It's the same with those who don't dare to eat meat.

In any case, they directly divided the meat without Li Xiangdong's permission.

A wild boar of hundreds of pounds, each person can divide several pounds.

The Jia family is the one who gets the most shares.

Because the Jia family was the leader, shortly after Li Xiangdong left, he was the first to cut a whole pig's leg.

The absence of a pig's leg is very noticeable.

Li Xiangdong looked at Qin Huairu, who did not cry and did not shout, and felt a little interesting.

"Don't shake it, the man is not dead, go and get all the meat back."

Qin Huairu slowly stood up, lowered his head and went back to the house to take out the pig leg hidden in the cabinet.

Then he went to the kitchen again and returned all the remaining meat to Li Xiangdong.

"Is there any more?"

"It's gone."

"It's gone."

"Brother Dong, it's all here."

Li Xiangdong nodded, and when he was about to speak, Yi Zhonghai walked to the middle of the courtyard in a fit of anger.

"What's going on?!"

"I actually came to the courtyard to make trouble, and injured two people."

"Even if they divide the meat, you are doing too much!"

"Usually the Yulan girl is alone, and we help take care of it."

"It is also appropriate to share a little pork, presumably the Yulan girl in the Spirit of Heaven will also agree."

"Four Nine City is not a place where it is impossible! Quickly admit your mistake, otherwise you will be sent to the bureau. "

Li Xiangdong pulled over a stool and sat in the doorway.

The exaggerated horn bow stands right next to the door.

Moral Heavenly Venerable appeared.

The first appearance is benevolent and moral.

Don't forget to use the law to pressure people.

Instigated by Yi Zhonghai like this, the residents in the yard were faintly commotion.

But I saw that Li Xiangdong, who was like a demon king, still did not dare to resist.

Seeing this, Yi Zhonghai knew that the strength was not enough, so he continued.

"Don't think that if you are tall, you can do whatever you want."

"I don't know how many such people were shot."

"No matter how strong it is, can it be stronger than a gun? A grain of peanut rice can make you drink hate. "

"Listen to my advice, and quickly admit your mistake with everyone."

Li Xiangdong stood up and nodded, "Are you finished?" "

Yi Zhonghai tilted his head, pretending to be calm.

Today is the best time to establish his majesty.

But everyone who is not a fool must be afraid of what he says.

It's a pity that Li Xiangdong has always disliked talking nonsense.

Pick up the bow and arrow directly and put two fingers on the string.

The muscles of the thick arms suddenly bulged, like incomparably hard stones.

The giant horned bow instantly turned into a full moon.

Yi Zhonghai's head was blank, and cold sweat instantly wet his entire back.


Li Xiangdong released his fingers, and the bowstring made a dull sound.

It was as if an invisible arrow flew towards Yi Zhonghai's brain.


There was an exclamation all around!

For a moment, Yi Zhonghai felt like he was going to die.

My legs couldn't help but tremble.

Li Xiangdong smiled.

"I don't use arrows, why am I so afraid?"

Yi Zhonghai was amnestied, and only then did he realize that Li Xiangdong was just a false grip to scare him.

Hit by such a fork.

The indignant words just now became air.

Everyone bowed their heads again.

Yi Zhonghai's mouth trembled, and after all, he did not preach again.

Also lost face.

Yi Zhonghai took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

"Pillar, what about the pillar man? First send Dongxu and his aunt to the hospital. "

At this time, Silly Zhu had just finished frying the back pot meat, and sent it to Li Xiangdong with a smile on his face.

"Brother Dong, there are too few seasonings in the kitchen, the taste may be a little light, tomorrow I will bring some seasonings back to ensure that it is more delicious."

Li Xiangdong took the plate and glanced at the silly pillar with a livid face.

Who said stupid pillars stupid.

If it's really stupid, can a courtyard of people take the stupid pillar helplessly?

In fact, Silly Zhu saw Li Xiangdong kicking Fei Jia Dongxu, and his heart was violent!

He originally had ten minutes like Qin Huairu.

I also communicated with Jia Dongxu.

But Jia Dongxu instead laughed at him for "toads want to eat swan meat".

And sometimes he deliberately confronted Qin Huairu in the courtyard to Qin Huairu.

On weekdays, he was not less disgusted by Jia Zhang.

But he couldn't see Qin Huairu suffering.

Now Li Xiangdong appeared and cleaned up the Jia family.

It was in his arms, and he would comfort and comfort Qin Huairu when he was in the evening.

Kill two birds with one stone.

It's too late for Silly Zhu to be happy, how can he help Yi Zhonghai.

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