In the peaceful and peaceful night, there was a sudden loud noise, which alarmed the two men in the dark alley.

Smogg: "? "

Hawkeye:"? Hearing

the noise, they looked at the same time in the direction where the sound came from.

But in the dark alley, surrounded by houses, nothing can be seen at all....

For the loud noise, Hawkeye's heart did not fluctuate, but simply guessed:

Wouldn't it be someone who provoked her?

If that was the case, he would be out of luck -

and Smogg, the naval officer stationed in Rogue Town, heard this sudden loud noise, and...

"Shy! What a situation! He whispered an invective and clenched the cigar in his mouth.

Then Smog took a step and ran in a bit of a hurry in the direction where the sound came from!

He's going to check what's going on there....

This loud noise is absolutely impossible to make a small trouble!

But no matter who it is, as long as he wants to disturb the peace of Rogue Town, he will not let anyone go!

And Hawkeye, who also followed, walked slowly towards the location where the sound came.

It's just that unlike his smogg's anxious heart, in his heart, he is not panicked at all, but, like the lake at night, extremely calm...

After all, at this time, on this island, the only guy related to him was stronger than himself, and he couldn't encounter anything that couldn't be solved at all, so there was no need to panic at all.

And his personality is already calm and calm, it is difficult for him to give birth to any flustered emotions...


Through magic perception, he felt the breath of Hawkeye in an alley in the distance, and around him, he felt another breath like smoke...

The frown frowned slightly, and the figure that Hawkeye secretly met made Ling Yuqi fall into deep thought.

But just thinking for a moment, the eyebrows stretched....

Because of that breath, she thought of a special local who had lived here during this time.

This is...... Smoker Smogg?

This smoky breath is only the Captain of the Navy stationed in Rogue Town, the natural smoke fruit ability, Smogg.

But well, what are they doing together?

Ling Yuqi was puzzled.

Through perception, it was perceived that the two were rushing towards this side at this time....

So now, let's solve the trouble here first-Ling

Yuqi turned his head to look at the sushi stall owner uncle who was shocked, as if he saw an alien, and then looked at the gangsters who were also shocked and wide-eyed....

Because of Ling Yuqi's sweeping gaze, those young people were even more frightened! I'm afraid I'll be the next to be knocked off!

Because Bartolomeo, who was smashed by Ling Yuqi's bag, until now, there was still no movement at all, as if he had died there, and blood had already flowed out of the place...

Staring at this group of screaming young people, suddenly! Ling Yuqi suddenly thought of something...

Then an evil smile slowly appeared on that beautiful face, and an inexplicable black and red aura seemed to emanate from this blonde woman...

The evil aura gradually gushed out, kneading his fists, like a devil, Ling Yuqi walked towards the group of sluggish youth——


"Yo~ Fooling around is back——?"

As soon as Smog arrived here, he saw it....

Fragments of rice and raw fish crumbled everywhere, unconscious young people with blue noses and swollen faces lying on the ground, piled up into hills...

At the top, a charming woman with a light golden single ponytail and turquoise eyes slightly revealing a golden aura was sitting firmly above Erlang's legs at the moment, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, and she looked at the two who had just arrived with interest.

And the sentence just now naturally came from her mouth.

And that evil aura just made Smog feel endless darkness!

As a navy, as a righteous man, after feeling this breath, he suddenly rose up with great disgust for the existence of this woman!

Even though the other party was extremely beautiful, Smogg could only feel a disgusting feeling!

And that group of comatose youths also made him think that this incident might be the evil thing done by this evil woman!

"Evil..." He was just about to open his mouth to reprimand this evil woman, but the eagle eye behind him directly skipped him and walked towards the woman.

This made the words that Smog wanted to say suddenly swallow again.

Because, it seems, this evil woman seems to be related to Hawkeye, one of the Seven Martial Seas...

After all, he was not deaf yet, and he had heard what Ling Yuqi said just now.

And Hawkeye's step forward also confirms this.

That's a little intriguing.

His pupils swayed slightly, and Smogg, who was biting his cigar, lowered his eyes slightly.

This was not only while he was thinking, but also to ignore the dark aura conveyed by the woman...

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to guarantee that he would not be able to suppress the other party because of this dark aura of disgust.

Since the other party is related to Hawkeye, if he goes to arrest him like a death at this time, and annoys Hawkeye... Then the town of Rogue is dangerous!

After all, as His Majesty the Seven Wuhai, the world's number one swordsman, Hawkeye's strength... Smog himself knew how powerful it was.

Before you find out the truth of the matter, don't act rashly for the time being....

Hawkeye, who stepped forward, also raised his eyebrows slightly.

He didn't expect that in such a little time that she had left, she would do such things...

Looking at this pile of people, Hawkeye asked, "What situation?"

Although he also clearly felt the dark aura on Ling Yuqi's body at this time, he didn't care very much.

Because at the earliest time, he had already detected the various complex auras on Ling Yuqi's body.

There is a dark aura, which is normal.

Even if the other party already has the light power against it...

But this has nothing to do with him -

Ling Yuqi jumped down and landed next to Hawkeye, and then said indifferently: "It's nothing, I just encountered a few bed bugs." "

By the way... Earned some money. Hearing

this, Hawkeye immediately understood the reason for the matter....

Because good-looking people, whether male or female, are very dangerous in this world where strength is supreme.

And this, obviously, is the group of brainless young people who want to tease her, and then are ... Sanctions.

As for making some money... I understand everything, and Hawkeye knows it in his heart.

Because the money he spent in the past two days was also obtained in this way....

It's just that she is looking for pirates, and she is looking for this group of young people, so she must have earned more (bushi) and

did not suppress her voice to speak, so that Colonel Smogg, who was not far away, also heard Ling Yuqi's words.

He was not stupid, and immediately understood why this group of young people fell here.

Moreover, after carefully observing the surrounding situation, he also recognized this group of guys, which were the group of rats and pests hidden in the town!

Because of the various restrictions of the Navy, he has no chance to solve this group of bedbugs hidden in the shadows of Rogue Town, not to mention that he has to catch pirates, and he has no effort to care about this group of scum in the town!

So although he hated the dark aura on Ling Yuqi's body, he didn't mean to target her for the time being...

As for Ling Yuqi's somewhat changed appearance, Hawkeye questioned: "How do you... Changed? "

Because Ling Yuqi's shape changes, it seems to be accompanied by a synchronous change of breath.

This makes Hawkeye also very puzzled.

But hearing Hawkeye's words, Ling Yuqi also said with some doubts:

"Huh? Changed? Have I changed? Subconsciously

, he looked down at his chest and didn't see any change.

She then touched her hair, looked at Hawkeye, and then at Smogg, who was standing farther away...

The turquoise pupils turned golden, shaking slightly to think about something, and the indifferent emotions were also transmitted to the heart.

She had a conjecture in her mind -


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