He is...... Came to me?

Looking at the fierce-looking man with short silver hair in the distance, who was staring at him, Hawkeye was a little puzzled.

He could feel a little power from the other party, which showed that the other party was not an ordinary person.

And that coat, although different from the navy coat, is also very similar to it.

Therefore, if there is no surprise, the other party should be the navy stationed in Rogue Town, and the position will not be low.


This navy, what are you coming to me for?

From the look in Smogg's eyes, Hawkeye could clearly sense that he had come to find himself.

It's just that maybe because of the large crowd around him, he didn't act rashly.

Moreover, as His Majesty the Seven Wuhai, he and the navy can also be regarded as the existence of an alliance, and it is impossible for him to come to find fault for no reason....

So, this guy, what does it mean?

Hawkeye couldn't understand what he wanted to do, and then turned his head to look at Ling Yuqi, wanting to ask her opinion on this matter.

But Ling Yuqi threw himself next to a snack shop, ordered a bunch of things again, and chatted happily with the boss.

Hawkeye: "..."

Since he couldn't count on her, Hawkeye decided to meet this navy alone.

The powerful Hawkeye naturally does not fear anything - Hawkeye

slowly walks towards Smogg, and Smog also leads him to a dark and uninhabited alley in order not to affect the surrounding masses....

Stopping, Hawkeye calmly spoke,

"You are the navy stationed at the naval base in Rogue Town, right?" What's the matter with me?

Under the sharp gaze of Hawkeye, Smogg clenched the cigar in his mouth and asked seriously.

"One of His Majesty's Seven Martial Seas... Hawkeye Mihawk! Why are you here? As

the world's top combat power and the top Hawkeye, who came to this so-called, weakest sea area of the East China Sea for no reason, Smogg could hardly believe that he had no other ideas.

But Hawkeye simply replied.

"Passing by."

Smogg didn't believe Hawkeye's answer at all, and immediately shouted, "Passing by? Less deception! Hawkeye, what the hell are your conspiracies ?! His

brows furrowed slightly, and an icy aura instantly enveloped Smogg!

Hawkeye said indifferently: "Where am I going, there is no need to report to your navy——!

With Hawkeye's words, the icy aura pressed on Smogg's body like a giant mountain!

He also suddenly felt the endless murderous aura and death breath!

Adrenaline rush! The heart is racing!

The powerful momentum suppressed Smogg, making his body extremely heavy!

But he held his body and did not fall....

Gritting his teeth, panting, his eyes still staring at Hawkeye!

But just for a moment, Hawkeye retracted his momentum....

This is just a small lesson, and Hawkeye does not want to get into a standoff with the Navy at this time.

After Hawkeye retracted his momentum, Smogg suddenly felt a burst of relief in his body, but the cold sweat on his body indicated what had just happened -

frowning, slowing down for a long time, Smog finally said: "... Well, I hope you're really just passing by..." But

speaking of this, the words suddenly paused, the red light flashed in his eyes, Smog gritted his teeth, and drew his weapon from his back with ten hands, pointed at Hawkeye with a particularly serious look, and said.

"But if you're going to do something to the civilians of Rogue... Fighting for my life will also stop you——! The

faint light shone on Smogg's body, staring into Smogg's eyes, and Hawkeye saw the seriousness in his eyes.



On this side of the street, the stall owner boxed and bagged the prepared sushi and handed the large bag to Ling Yuqi.

"Thank you~" Ling Yuqi habitually thanked him, and then prepared to find Hawkeye to pay.

But when Ling Yuqi turned his head to look for Hawkeye, he found that...

Ling Yuqi: "???

"I'm super! What about people?!! "

Hawkeye, it's gone—

the sullen Hawkeye, who doesn't speak much, in Ling Yuqi's eyes, his sense of existence is not very high.

And in front of food, let alone ...

Then he quietly went to find Smogg, so that his whole mind was chatting with the stall owner and waiting for Ling Yuqi, who was waiting for the delicious snack, and did not notice his departure at all.

At this time, the penniless Ling Yuqi was also frozen here.

After all, you don't have the money to pay, but you can't just run away....

Eat overlord meals... Not good, very bad!

Ling Yuqi guessed that Hawkeye should be convenient to go...

After all, how could he suddenly disappear from such a powerful living person.

Something must have been delayed.

So, just wait for a while, he should be back....

And the stall owner also said reasonably, not in a hurry

, at this moment, a group of hanging young people came from the opposite side.

At the head, a grass-green chicken-headed young man wearing a nose ring and his face like a demon walked rampantly on the road with steps that his six relatives did not recognize.

The other people who passed by along the way avoided him, as if just like his fierce appearance, he was a fierce and cruel man!

And when I came to this side, I also happened to see the blonde beauty Ling Yuqi with a melancholy on her face....

Stepping forward quickly, Bartolomeo said with an evil smile: "Yo ~ little beauty ~ how?" Waiting for someone? Aren't you waiting for my brother~! Hey hahaha——! "

Hahahaha!" Bartolomeo's laughter also led the companions next to him to laugh together.

And the kind-hearted stall owner who had just chatted with Ling Yuqi saw Bartolomeo's arrival, and he also lowered his head and did not dare to squeak.

The pedestrians passing by around also avoided Bartolomeo's pedestrian from a distance, although their eyes were also slightly worried looking at the beautiful woman surrounded by Bartolomeo's group, but they couldn't do anything...

The laughter of Bartolomeo and his group was particularly harsh and noisy.

Carrying the bag containing sushi in his hand, Ling Yuqi's brows gradually furrowed...

"It's so noisy..." Before Hawkeye could return, a somewhat irritable Ling Yuqi muttered in a low voice.

Ling Yuqi's small voice made Bartolomeo not hear what she said clearly, he poked his head over suspiciously, put his hand to his ear like a radio device, and said:

"Huh? What the? Louder ah little beauty! Why is it so talking..."

"I said... You're noisy——!!! Before Bartolomeo finished speaking, Ling Yuqi immediately said coldly!

At the same time, he raised his right hand, took the bag containing sushi in his hand, and smashed it Bartolomeo's grimace!


The bag hit Bartolomeo's face! Burst open!

The sushi inside burst all of a sudden!

Sputtered rice grains and broken sashimi scattered everywhere! But none of them stained Ling Yuqi's body...

Bartolomeo was shot out in an instant! After flying upside down tens of meters! Crashed into a wall before finally stopping....

The rice grains stained the whole body, and faintly some blood seeped out of them, staining the white rice grains red.

Sitting upside down in the hole in the wall, Bartolomeo hung his head motionlessly, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

His group of little brothers were wide-eyed, their mouths were wide open, and their faces were full of disbelief... The boss who was shot away by this blonde beauty!

The faith in their hearts seemed to have collapsed, and they all froze in place, not even a single person who ran to save their own boss...

"Sick." Ling Yuqi scolded lightly, and then let go of his perception and prepared to check where Hawkeye was...

Hawkeye... My ATM... Where have you been——!

But it was only for a moment that she sensed the breath of Hawkeye...

ATM, found you——!


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