Although he now has nothing on him, he still receives Hawkeye's assistance by drawing a pie.

Ling Yuqi, who obtained several permanent pointers and a record pointer, naturally would not lie to him.

Next, wait for the next heroic spirit to summon out, and directly let him go to Hawkeye to play!

Ling Yuqi, whose strength was already invincible, naturally did not need the protection of the rest of the heroic spirits.

She just wanted to use it to promote her reputation in the Kingdom of Britain.

Multiple invincible guys at sea, knights of the Round Table who are all over the Kingdom of Britain, are bound to attract everyone's attention.

And in the end, as the king of the British Kingdom, the name King Arthur will naturally be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

But she is also in no hurry to release all the heroic spirits now, go to the sea to wave, and preach something.

The first summoned heroic spirit to go to Hawkeye to play, there is no problem at all.

Because, the most important, the best, and the quickest, way to publicize the Kingdom of Britain, naturally is the top war, the world's live broadcast, the world's attention to the place, the naval headquarters Marin Fandor, to make a scene!

And it was still a long time before the top war, so Ling Yuqi was not in a hurry to summon the heroic spirit.

And go to find the heroic spirit of Hawkeye, and when the war is on top, you can also fish in troubled waters and follow Hawkeye to Marin Fandor, so there is not much problem.

And Hawkeye was also extremely interested in what Ling Yuqi said, the Swordsman Round Table Knight of the Kingdom of Britain!

Because, Ling Yuqi's strength is already so strong, then the rest, not to say stronger than her, but not much weaker.

After all, they should all be Knights of the Round Table and be of the same level. (Hawkeye didn't know that Ling Yuqi was King Arthur and thought it was Britain's Knights of the Round Table.) Because Ling Yuqi had only mentioned the Knights of the Round Table before. Nor did he tell Hawkeye that he was King Arthur.

And no matter what, even if it is weak, it should be a close opponent!

Although this is an exaggeration, because Hawkeye himself is the top strength at sea, and in his imagination, this mysterious British kingdom, their knights of the Round Table should be this powerful strength.

If it was really as he thought, then the strength of this British kingdom was completely capable of dominating the world!

After all, the strength of the blonde woman next to him is really too strong.

Even if the world's strongest man, Whitebeard duels against her, Hawkeye doesn't think he can get any benefits.

Not to mention more than just this one.

But no matter what, for Hawkeye, a close swordsman opponent is enough to bring him a great challenge!

So he was looking forward to the arrival of this opponent.

At that time, his strength to stay in place for a long time will also increase rapidly, until...

Able to beat this woman!

Pursuing the ultimate in kendo and never stopping Hawkeye, the ultimate goal now is to defeat this woman!

Unless, he will meet other stronger swordsmen, otherwise his target will only be her.

And if it was a swordsman who was even stronger than her... That's about the same, it should be able to cut off the whole world with one sword -

Hawkeye's thoughts are ten thousand thoughts.


The illuminated streets and countless street stalls aroused Ling Yuqi's mind to wander around.

Visiting is not the goal, the main thing is that there are various food stalls on the side.

Onomiyaki, onigiri, sushi, takoyaki, eel rice, matcha...

All kinds of delicacies are made on the street, and the delicious aroma gently stirs Ling Yuqi's heart.

Walking slowly on the street, ignoring the pedestrians around him, his eyes were like glowing light, scanning the surrounding food stalls with light, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved.

The scent is pleasant, but Hawkeye is not interested in it.

He skipped the stalls and walked off into the distance....

"Hey! Where are you going? Ling Yuqi grabbed Hawkeye, who wanted to leave, and said.

"Such a lively street, you are not ready to stroll?"

"Boring." Hawkeye responded indifferently.

He wasn't interested in that at all.

But his response was like a knife piercing into Ling Yuqi's heart...

The arc provoked at the corner of Ling Yuqi's mouth slowly descended, and his mood became low.

But she didn't let go either, and after a moment of silence, she said:

"... It is because of your character that kendo has stagnated.

"Kendo is also to experience life and travel through red dust."

"Blindly practicing hard will eventually be limited by shackles."

"You might as well try, calm down and feel the prosperity of the city at night, maybe you can feel something..."

Ling Yuqi said the big truth flatly, and then gently "um" and asked what he meant.

"Huh? What do you think? "

Just a night of lounging and nothing to lose.

And these words were said by this strong man in front of him who was several times stronger than himself.


After a moment of silence, Hawkeye responded: "Well-"

Although he said so, in fact, Ling Yuqi just wanted to pull a big head to pay for his own snacks.

And in fact, this may indeed raise Hawkeye's spiritual level... Because that's what a lot of novels say.

Ling Yuqi just fooled him by drawing a tiger according to the cat, and whether he could feel anything or not was up to him——



Darkness envelopes the world, and the surrounding lights light up this darkness.

A gentle breeze blew across the sea, and the whole sea fell into a calm.

Inside the naval base on the island, in Colonel Smogg's office, the lights are still on....

Because two days ago, because he did not follow the instructions of his superiors, he was writing a review at the moment.

But with his personality, the paper on the table to write the review is just blank—

a pen in his hand, a cigar in his mouth, the corners of his forehead furrowed, and he is very irritated by this broken thing in his hand.

At this time, there was a sudden sound of very hurried footsteps outside the door, which attracted Smogg's attention.


looked at the door with a little doubt, did not knock, and the office door was directly pushed open.

As if in a panic, the arriving naval soldier breathed heavily, and then reported directly to Colonel Smogg and shouted!

"Up... Captain! Hawkeye Mihawk, one of the Seven Martial Seas of His Majesty, landed on the island——!

"What!" Smogg's pupils shrank sharply.


In front of a takoyaki stall, Ling Yuqi was happily waiting for the stall owner to make delicious octopus balls.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, stood behind her, quietly watching the crowd of people coming and going around her...

Watching people leisurely enjoy the joy of life, with happy smiles on their faces...

My heart throbbed....

The shackles in his heart seemed to have cracked a hole...

The mood changed slightly, and Hawkeye felt that this feeling was strange, but he felt that his body was indeed inexplicably relaxed.

Before the stall, because Ling Yuqi wanted a large number, the stall owner's uncle continued to repeat the work in his hand and chatted idly.

"Little girl, aren't you from Rogue Town, are you here to travel?"

"Well, sort of."

The stall owner uncle was very friendly and said enthusiastically: "Haha! That's going to be fun! There's a lot to do here! When things happen, it's called the navy, and the navy stationed here is very reliable! "

Hmm." Ling Yuqi responded simply, thinking in his heart.

Reliable? Smogg that guy... Can it be counted as reliable?

...... No, if it is according to his character, it is indeed reliable for ordinary civilians.

After all, he does practical things, unlike other guys, who don't eat well, or do bad things-well

, it's none of my business anyway, I'll leave tomorrow morning, and I don't care what he does so much....

And at this time, the stall owner's uncle finally finished making the octopus balls that Ling Yuqi wanted.

A paper bowl the size of the palm of your hand, full of three large paper bowls, all delicious octopus balls!

The stall owner's uncle handed the octopus balls from the three paper bowls to Ling Yuqi one by one.

"Come, here you go, little beauty~!"

Ling Yuqi caught the paper bowl with her right hand and held the paper bowl in her arms with her left arm.

After waiting for it to be stable, he responded to the uncle with a smile:

"Hehe~ Thank you uncle!"

And Hawkeye, too, came from the rear to pay for it sensibly ....

After saying hello to the stall owner, he continued to walk inside.


Just after taking two steps, Ling Yuqi took out a bowl of octopus balls from his arms and handed it to Hawkeye.


"Huh?" Hawkeye wondered.

"Don't you eat?"

"I don't eat this much..."

Before he could speak, Ling Yuqi directly stuffed a bowl of octopus balls into Hawkeye's hand and said.

"Take it! Delicious! Hawkeye

was silent.

Then he said, "Good. Holding

this paper bowl full of octopus balls in his hand, Hawkeye looked at Ling Yuqi, who was walking in front of him with a light step....

She was eating octopus balls one by one with sticks.

One bite at a time, the expression looks particularly happy, and the feeling of happiness in the heart can be felt even by the eagle eye behind him!

Thinking of what Ling Yuqi had just said, he also learned from Ling Yuqi, taking the sticks and eating them one by one...

Otherwise, according to the general situation, he must have poured this bowl of octopus balls directly into his mouth, and then ate it in one bite!

Walk on this illuminated street, listen to the noisy chatter in your ears, eat warm food, feel the gentle breeze blowing...

But before he could think more, a sudden breath behind him made him stop and stop all his thoughts.

Turning his head, a silver-haired man wearing only a large coat and bare chest skin was watching him vigilantly!

“...... Navy? "


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