When Ling Yuqi came to the "rape flower" in Alabastan, Klockdar, who was far away in the "rainland", had already received the news....

Holding Erlang's legs and cigars, Klockdar sat arrogantly at the table, looking at the information that had just been obtained on the table.

Normally, general information does not need to go through Klockdar, only needs to be handed over to his vice president, Nicole Robin, and only those more important intelligence and information will be presented to him.

Although Klockdar gave Nicole Robin great authority, she valued her ability to read the text of history.

But secretly, he also guarded against her.

If there is any important information, she does not report it to herself at the first time, then hidden in the secret, her own henchmen, will report her.

However, in the time she has joined, no such thing has been done.

Naturally, Nicole Robin also used Klockdahl's prestige to obtain a refuge and look for the text of history by the way.

For Klockdar, she will not betray for the time being.

And the information in front of Klockdar is also the information that Nicole Robin handed over, which she felt was more important.

This information is also the news that Ling Yuqi has arrived in Alabastan...

"A ship that moves extremely fast and disappears when it reaches shore? It was opened by a good-looking woman??? What the hell is this? Looking at the intelligence on the table, Klockdar was a little puzzled.

Although he knew every word, when it was connected, he didn't understand it.

What is a ship that moves extremely fast? Why is it still disappearing? What is the identity of the good-looking woman who drives this ship?

Klockdar was incomprehensible, but he couldn't help but guess... This woman may be a Devil Fruit powerhouse.

In the pirate world, when encountering incomprehensible things and abilities, you always think of the devil fruit.

Because the devil fruit is indeed mysterious, and few people in the pirate world are brain-opening and have a whim.

They could hardly think of anything else, but only the mysterious and powerful Devil Fruit.

Klockdar, too.

But he couldn't figure out what this Devil Fruit's ability belonged to...

But no matter what, when you come to your own territory, you must definitely take more precautions.

Because his plan to seek power and usurp the throne is coming to an end.

He didn't want to hinder his plans because of this woman who came to Alabastan inexplicably, so...

"Go, send someone to spy on her! Try not to be discovered by her - "


The night in Alabastan is full of stars, sketching a beautiful picture.

Even if there are no lights shining, the world does not seem so dark.

Listening to the sound of the waves softly coming from his ears, looking at this quiet honesty, Ling Yuqi was ready to find a place to rest for the night before setting off.


In the city, every house was closed, and Ling Yuqi couldn't see which place was a hotel.

Refugees can be seen everywhere on the road, leaning on the side of the street or in the dark alleys.

Just rely on a thin piece of newspaper, which is used as a quilt to ward off the wind and cold...

This group of people who have been devastated by the war is unbearable to watch.

In Ling Yuqi's heart, complicated emotions could not help but rise...


, she transformed her magic power into a black hairless form, which was much better -

there was no place to rest, so Ling Yuqi did not rest, and was ready to rush directly overnight to the "rainy land"!

Anyway, she is full of magic and is in excellent condition.

Determining his thoughts, Ling Yuqi immediately took a step and walked towards the outside of the city...

And Ling Yuqi's appearance only made this group of people living on the side of the street raise their eyebrows slightly, glance at it and continue to lie down.


Out of the city, walked into this vast sandy area, followed the moon, thinking in my heart, the next move.

But when she walked for a long time, Ling Yuqi suddenly thought...

"I'm super! I don't know the way——! She

didn't identify the direction and didn't know where the rain was.

Stand in the desert, looking at the continuous sand dunes all around.

Looking back, the footprints when you came were also covered by the fluttering sand, and you couldn't see the footprints.

Surrounded by desert, it is not realistic to want to return the same way.

But if you want to walk blindly to find the "rainy land", it is also impossible - the

props on the body, although there are tools that can help themselves to rush.

And it's fast....

But for the time being, Ling Yuqi didn't want to use that yet.

Whether it's East Starion or Ramry, these two mounts are Lance-rank King Arthur mounts.

According to the appearance of using the black dumb magic power before, which form of magic power is used, its body will also change towards that form.

And the king of the gun rank, although very powerful.

But, too... Big!

The main thing is that it is too big.

Whether it is the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, it is not within the control of ordinary people.

Even if the height can become taller, but that big, heavy feeling, Ling Yuqi doesn't want to try it at this time.

Now this size is just right, it doesn't matter anything, and when she becomes the king of the gun rank, then...

It's hard to top -

but if you don't rely on mounts, only rely on your own steps, when will you find the "rainy land"?

Is it possible that I want to release my magic all the time and run blindly in this desert?

That's too der...

For a while, Ling Yuqi fell into deep thought.

But if it doesn't change... Who else has this ability....

That's right! Does she have——!

Suddenly, Ling Yuqi thought of something, and with a clapping of his palm, his low mood suddenly became happy.

The gun step has mounts, and my big riding step also has it!

Ling Yuqi immediately rummaged in his heart, that special mount-Ramley No. 2!


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