The stars twinkle, the magic emerges, and a beautiful sled appears in front of you....

A gorgeous red sleigh is pulled by two creatures shaped like hippos.

Although these two creatures are made of ash branches in the image of horses and lions, they look like hippos no matter how you look at them.

The sleds and hippos that appeared, parked smoothly on the desert.

As the magic power in Ling Yuqi's body surged, the two hippos also seemed to have lived, and the body made of branches began to rotate, and there was spirituality in their eyes.

It's just...

The two hippos who possessed spirituality were stunned at first.

Then I looked at the sand under my feet, and then at the sky....

Feeling this heaven and earth, he finally stared at Ling Yuqi with some resentment, and the meaning was self-evident.

It's not winter, it's not Christmas, what are we calling for?

And in a place like the desert, even if the temperature is low at night, this is not good, right?

But we are made of branches, so we are not afraid of drying up because of the hot weather?

Although it was made into treasure... No, it should be said that the Rumley II in a dress will not be affected by the general weather and environment.

But their two animals, made of ash branches, still don't like this hot weather and desert environment....

Because the essence hates hot weather, let alone this desert area.

But what can they do, with such a master, they can only look at her with resentment, and then pull her to hurry-the

appearance of Ramley No. 2, and the surge of magic in the body, also made Ling Yuqi's body change slightly.

As if matching suits, the suit on his body was directly replaced by magic with a black and blue Christmas outfit, which fits the sleigh of Ramley II.

Wearing a Christmas hat, holding a gift bag, a black and blue women's Christmas dress, with pale to almost silver-white blonde hair, and the indifferent golden pupils, showing a beautiful picture.

This is not like a kind white-bearded Santa Claus, but more like an extraordinary-looking, picture-like goddess playing cos.

But unlike the normal high-cold goddess, this one, smaller, and flat....

Although it looks small and exquisite, the strength contained in its body is also endless -

like other blackened forms, this body also has the icy aura that comes with being an alter.

However, this form is a gesture that is determined to act as the child's companion Santa Claus in order to eliminate one's own image.

Therefore, the icy aura that comes with it is also greatly reduced by its suppression, so that it is difficult to detect...

Therefore, I will only feel that this beautiful Christmas sister just looks a little cold -

the cold wind blows, the yellow sand floats, Ling Yuqi's empty right hand is raised, and a strange long sword that is completely black, but imprinted with strange red patterns, suddenly appeared from the hand.

Holding the long sword in his right hand, he pulled the white gift bag in his left hand and stepped onto the sleigh under his feet.

Ling Yuqi raised his long sword! The tip of the sword points to the endless sand dunes in the distance!

"Go! Target, the 'rain land' of Alabastan——! So

, in the helpless eyes of the two hippos, magic surrounded the sled, and inexplicable buoyancy appeared.

The sled slowly rises, floats high in the air, and then...

Heading in an unknown direction ——


The darkness faded, the dawn light shone on the earth, and a new day began.

After galloping aimlessly in the air all night, I finally saw two hippos in the outline of the city, making a "whine" sound, waking up Ling Yuqi, who was lying on his back on the sleigh to rest...

Sitting up, she opened her somewhat hazy eyes, saw the silhouette of the city in front of her, and immediately became energetic: "Ah~arrived-" The

sled flew to the edge of the city, and slowed down....

Ling Yuqi's eyes widened, scanning the scene below, looking for the location of the largest casino in Alabastan, the "Rain Banquet".

The flying sleigh wrapped around the magic of the cold, and a little snowflake drifted around, falling below to alarm the attention of the people in the city...

People living on this hot desert island sometimes can't even see rain, especially in the past two or three years.

And this is one of the reasons for the war in this country.

They could not even see the rain, and how could they see the existence

of snowflakes - the snowflakes that fell coldly beside them, with exquisite shapes, made the people of the city think that this was a manifestation of the gods....

In order to pray for the rain, people can't help but bow down, hoping that this land can be brought back to life.

And seeing the group of people kneeling inexplicably in the city below, Ling Yuqi mistakenly thought that they saw Santa Claus's self and wanted their own gifts.

So she took out the gifts from the white gift bag, slowed down the speed of the sled, and then casually threw the gifts down one by one -

those gifts wrapped in exquisite outer boxes, along the little snowflakes, slowly fell to the ground...

And according to the gradually scattered snowflakes, the speeding sleds and falling gifts make people mistakenly think...

This is the gift that the gods have seen the chaos of the country

and come to them—although the word flying sleigh and the so-called Christmas story have only been heard in fairy tale books they have heard as children....

But the people of Alabastan, but Christmas, because it doesn't snow here. (Whether they get by, let's set it up here.)

So this classic story and festival has become more and more diluted, only becoming a bedtime story to put children to sleep.

And because of the miserable life of the past two or three years, until now, when they really see the physical objects in the stories they heard as children, they only think that this is the presence of God -

although the people are short-sighted and a little ignorant, but people in high positions do not feel so....

In the royal palace located in the center of the city, a white figure suddenly jumped from a height!

Then it turned into a large light brown bird in a white robe and flew straight towards the sleigh in the distance.

If it weren't for the white robe, the light brown coat color was similar to the yellow sand, and it was difficult to see his presence in the air.

If he hadn't noticed the information coming from his perception, maybe Ling Yuqi, who was sitting on the sled, would really ignore his existence.

So, the two met in the air, or rather, it was Big Bird who blocked Ling Yuqi's way.


The sled slowly flew to the city, and when Ling Yuqi saw the existence of the palace and the appearance of the big bird, she immediately understood that she flew in the wrong position -

this is "Albana", and the big bird should be the protector of the kingdom of Alabastan, Bell.

Although I flew to the wrong location, I at least reached the capital of Alabastan.

There is at least a map of the kingdom of Alabastan that allows you to find the location of the "rain land".

So she prepared to descend the height, stop here, and find out where the map was sold.

But before she landed, the big bird that flew over directly stopped in front of the sled, and was ready to ask this strange woman.

And the two hippos who were blocked from the way were sneering and raised the hooves of the fat dun dun, and kicked ...

Kick out!



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