The little hooves of the fat dun dun kicked on the huge Bell's body, but it was like being hit by a train, and Bell was kicked out in an instant!

Bell in the form of a falcon, spinning wildly in the air, finally fell heavily on the ground! Can't move -

blood slowly overflows from the corners of his mouth, and the two hoof prints on his chest inexplicably exude a cold breath, further eroding Bell's body...

Lying in the broken pit on the ground, his eyes were white, and Bell, who was directly stunned in the past, naturally changed from a falcon form back to a human form...

Originally, under normal circumstances, the personalities of the two hippos would not be so irritable... At least they won't give a kick in the face.

But because the sky is light up at this time, the sun gradually becomes scorching.

And because of the desert area, the already hot weather has raised the temperature a little.

Although flying overhead, the time at this time is not the time when the temperature above is the highest, but this temperature is not low.

For the two wooden pets, the hippopotamus that appeared during the cold Christmas period became a little bad when they encountered this environment they didn't like...

But they couldn't, and they didn't want to vent this negative emotion to their master, Ling Yuqi, and they could only temporarily press it in their hearts.

And this sudden roadblock bird naturally became the catharsis target of the two hippos...

After this kick out, the nose slowly spewed out white cold air, and the mood of the two hippos suddenly improved-

"Hey no, why are you two ..." The sudden change made Ling Yuqi a little unresponsive.

But her lack of reaction refers to the lack of understanding of the sudden attack of the two hippos, so she did not take action.

At the moment when the hippos attacked, Ling Yuqi could naturally limit and warn the two hippos of their attacks by pulling the reins.

Although she didn't understand why the two hippos made a move, she wanted to attack the stranger on the other side who was a little familiar but didn't know the two of her own things... She subconsciously believes that hippos may have some ideas of their own and want to operate.

But they wouldn't harm her anyway, so she didn't stop them.

It's just that she still said something to the two little guys....


two hippos stopped the sled action, turned around, stared wide-eyed, and looked at Ling Yuqi blankly and innocently, as if expressing something.

And through the expressions of the two hippos, Ling Yuqi had a bold guess in his heart:

"You two won't... Nothing to think about, just just kicking him, right? The

hippopotamus moved his body slightly and whispered, as if to affirm this statement....

At this moment, Ling Yuqi was speechless.

"Good fellow, this is the vehicle that caused the accident-"

I never thought that in my lifetime, I would be able to be pitted by my mount.

But despite this, Ling Yuqi did not have much emotional change.

Ling Yuqi, who had long adjusted his way of thinking, did not forget that this was no longer the original world, but the world of pirates where strength was supreme and pirates were rampant.

"Now that's it... You two guys... Go down and take a look, otherwise you will be a hit-and-run. Although there was no dutiful police uncle in this side to investigate this kind of accident, Ling Yuqi still decided to go down and take a look.

Look, what happened to that unlucky bastard....

With Ling Yuqi's control, the sled slowly descended and headed towards Bell in the pit——


Bell, the patron saint of Alabastan and the owner of the bird fruit and falcon form, suddenly fell from the air, which naturally attracted the attention of others!

Standing on the platform of the royal palace, even though the king of the kingdom of Alabastan, who looks a little old and haggard because of the country's war, Kobra still retains the majesty of being a king.

But at this time, his eyes widened, and his face was full of shock as he looked at Bell who fell instantly...

In my heart, I was extremely flustered.

...... This, what the hell is going on... Why did this happen....

At the same time, seeing that the situation is not good, the second patron saint of Alabastan, jackal Gaka also came to Kobra in an instant.

Armed with a long knife, take the form of a jackal to protect the king from impending danger...

However, the sled, ignoring the position of the palace, drove in the direction where Bell fell——


Bell, who fell to the ground, easily attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

The patron saint of his own kingdom was suddenly shot down by the Christmas sleigh that he regarded as a god, causing everyone to surround the crater where Bell fell, confused and puzzled.

Looking at the miserable Bell, people began to discuss with the people around them.

There are many opinions, but they all believe that he was because of the king's mediocre practice, which caused Alabastan to dry for three years without rain, so that God did not like them and came to issue sanctions!

The sled slowly fell and landed beside Bell.

The people around them are also sensibly far away from the nearby position, and stand around.

Ling Yuqi also glanced at the people gathered around with some doubts, and thought to himself: No matter what world the people are, they are the lords who love to see the excitement?

But no matter what they did, Ling Yuqi jumped off the sled, walked in front of Bell, touched Bell with his foot, and found that he didn't react...

Looks like, in a coma?

The frost on his chest still radiated cold, but the offensive inside it had dissipated.

Although it looks miserable in general, its internal injuries are not too serious, and it belongs to the hippopotamus leaving leeway.

Relying on the strong self-healing ability of animals, without relying on the healing of foreign objects, rest for seven or eight days, this guy should be able to heal....

But you can't put it here, after all, it was his own little hippopotamus who "hit" him.

Hit-and-run was not desirable, so Ling Yuqi grabbed Bell's robe with one hand and dragged it by the sleigh.

Then he hung him and his robe on the sled under the sleigh, ready to take him back to the palace...

And just as Ling Yuqi was about to leave...

The ignorant people around them began to bow down -

"Pray to the gods to rain for us!"

"Pray to the gods to rain for us——!"


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