The plan had reached the end, and in order to prevent accidents, Klockdar still ruthlessly executed these guys.

Because...... Only the dead can keep secrets forever.

And the living can never be trusted!

As for this woman -

if she could, Klockdar must also want to kill her!

No matter from any angle, he wanted to kill the other party.

It's a pity that this weird woman seems to be a little difficult to kill....

What Klockdar feared most at this time was her strange dark air flow.

Obviously, there is no domineering blessing, nor any feeling of moisture, why can I ignore the theorems of nature and directly hurt myself....

Moreover, it can also erode the sand that they control, making it impossible to control the sand that is eroded by darkness.

Feed! I'm a sand crocodile! Sand fruit playing with the existence of sand! Why can't you control the sand yet!

This is unreasonable——!

Feeling the dark sand gradually losing control, and the burning pain coming from the palm of his hand, Klockdar's heart was full of doubts.

I think that when I crossed the sea, I was cut down by domineering.

Klockdar, who wanted to learn domineering but had no teacher to learn, eventually fell in love with the power of ancient weapons and wanted to rely on ancient weapons to achieve his goals....

And if she is using domineering, then it's okay, at least it's a force she knows.

But this is not domineering, but another ability that has never been seen before.

Even in the Devil Fruit Guide, Klockdar had never seen a fruit with similar abilities...

The only thing that is similar is the so-called

Dark Fruit - but Klockdar, who has never seen the Dark Fruit's ability, cannot be sure that she is using the ability of the Dark Fruit.

Although he is afraid of that strange power, Klockdar is not afraid of her!

If he dares to attack the strong, he will not be afraid because his strength is no match for the opponent!

Since the large-scale sand attack is easily eroded by her strange darkness, thus reducing her own strength.

Then he didn't do it so much, but did the opposite, condensed his power into a point, and defeated her in one fell swoop!

After all....

Staring at Ling Yuqi's petite body, Klockdar didn't think that her small body could withstand her own attacks!

But if she can break through that strange magic encirclement and directly attack her flesh, then this battle will finally be her own victory!

Klockdar confidently thought that as long as he broke through the magic that wrapped around Ling Yuqi's body and touched her flesh, he could easily defeat her.

After all, Klockdar's sand has the terrifying ability to suck up the target's moisture, and can make people live and mummy.

But the idea is beautiful, the reality is cruel....

The sand is surging again! Densely covering the entire hall, it continued to block Ling Yuqi's vision.

Under the huge pressure, the entire house of the "rain banquet" is in jeopardy.

The yellow sand floating in the air and the flowing dark magic render the eerie atmosphere of the hall...

Looking at Klockdar's appearance, Ling Yuqi instead provoked a smile with pleasure, "How?" Do you still want to fight? Saying that, the pitch-black long sword in his hand appeared again.

Because, Ling Yuqi had long known that when he came here, he would inevitably have a fight with Klockdar.

Even if the purpose of his trip has not yet been told to him... If he did, he might attack even more angrily.

But without provoking him again, with his confidence in his own strength, Klockdal still decided to fight.

He is not willing to give the initiative to the other party, and the extremely self-centered Klockdar must have fought first and decided the victory or defeat before talking about it....

And if he doesn't fight, or admits it, then it's not him Klockdar.

If you win, operate it yourself at will, and if you lose, then you will be at her mercy, and it will be a big deal.

Klockdar simply thinks, although he doesn't think he's going to lose.

And Ling Yuqi felt...

It's still nice to play a dozen at random and add a touch of entertainment.

After beating him half to death, and then talking about his own purpose, he must easily make him agree -

after all, with the current Klockdar, he still can't hurt Ling Yuqi in the slightest...

Hearing Ling Yuqi's words, Klockdar showed a cruel smile, but his tone was cold: "Of course, if I don't kill you, how can I explain the situation here——! Hearing

this, holding a pitch-black long sword, the tip of the sword pointed at Klockdar, Ling Yuqi smiled and said, "Then, come on." The

tip of the sword, the Excalibur Morgan pointed at himself, suddenly gave Klockdar a great sense of danger!

In an instant, as if shrouded in endless darkness, Klockdar could not see a glimmer of light for a while...

But he is already in the dark, and he is not afraid of the dark! The footsteps did not retreat, but stepped on the ground hard!

The figure flickered, and in a blink of an eye, he flew in front of Ling Yuqi!

The arm instantly turned into yellow sand! The monstrous yellow sand turned into four huge sand blades!

The hands that turned into sand control these four extremely sharp sand blades! Instantly cut forward!

"Desert Vajra Saber!"

At the same time, the floor under Klockdar's feet inexplicably began to dry up and gradually sand.

And the sandified ground contained a force that faintly surged in the direction of Ling Yuqi...

Klockdar, who operated in two lines and tried his best to control the forces of the two sides, even though he had not yet attacked the target, and under the gradually cold temperature of this night, a few drops of hot sweat still oozed from his forehead.

With all his ability to operate, he controlled four extremely sharp sand blades with both hands! Straight to Ling Yuqi!

Ling Yuqi's eyebrows raised slightly, and then he raised his long sword with one hand to resist the falling sand blade, but his eyes looked down at his feet...

Oh? Interesting....

Poof -

the floor suddenly sanded under your feet! Sand protrudes! An extremely sharp sand blade suddenly came out from under his feet! Stabbed straight at Ling Yuqi!

Between electric flints! Two offensives formed in an instant! The target of the attack was the calm and indifferent pale blonde long-haired woman...

[Magic unleashed! ] 】


The furious magic power burst out! The huge impact instantly dispersed the scattered sand floating around!

But Klockdar's two powerful attacks still couldn't be dispersed by the roaring mana, but only partially weakened by the furious mana flowing around...

In an instant, the strange pitch-black magic power instantly wrapped around Ling Yuqi's body, and the magic power condensed into a set of pitch-black armor!

On that pitch-black armor, there were strange blood-red lines!

The faintly transparent blood-red lines exuded a strange ominous aura as if cursed...

The furious magic wrapped around the body, and the pale golden ponytail had also been coiled to prevent the impact of the battle.

She was indifferent and indifferent, only the hair next to her cheeks fluttered in the roar of magic power.

At this moment, she is like a demon red rose in the dark, beautiful and at the same time, extremely deadly——!


Facing the sand blade stabbed under his feet, Ling Yuqi's little foot wrapped in armor stepped on it directly! This extremely sharp sand blade was directly crushed!

And the four sharp sand blades cut from the front were quickly shot out by her two-handed sword, like a hammer!


[Humble King Hammer! ] The

pitch-black longsword once again erupted with unparalleled huge magic! The furious mana increases the range of the longsword attack!

Like an iron hammer, it hit the four extremely sharp sand blades!

This blow is no longer a sharp sword slash, but a heavy hammer strike with infinite strength and huge range!

Directly put these four sharp sand blades... Give merciless crushing——!

Yellow sand is scattered all over the ground, and the little yellow sand gradually changes into a pitch-black color...

The furious magic power flowed around the body, easily shattering Ling Yuqi, who was attacking Klockdar, and looked up at Klockdar with a smile, waiting for his next operation...

Klockdar, on the other hand, was a pupil earthquake, and he was extremely shocked by the fact that his attack did not cause a trace of damage!



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