"You... This... What the hell is the ability ?! Klockdar couldn't help but ask.

Because, Ling Yuqi, who was dressed in armor, could step on his desert great sword with one kick, which made Klockdar, who mistakenly thought that the other party's flesh was weak, unable to imagine how he should defeat the other party.

Sand, will be eroded by her magic.

Attack, even her defenses cannot be broken.

Is it possible that you can only sit and wait?


Who would have perfect abilities, this guy... There must be weaknesses!

Without waiting for Ling Yuqi to respond, Klockdar, who was a little flustered by the huge impact, quickly exercised his strength.

"Erosion reincarnation!"

The unbelieving Clock Dalton pressed his right hand heavily on the sanded ground! Continue to gather your strength, absorb the moisture from the ground, and sandify the entire area! Turn into a desertified area!

In addition to the outer walls, it is also necessary to be used as a fig leaf to cover the movement in the casino, prevent the residents outside from noticing, and affect their own prestige.

But in fact, the people outside had already noticed the huge momentum here, but confidently thought that it should be the invincible Lord Klockdar who was fighting the pirates, so they didn't care much...

Everything around was sucked dry by Klockdar and powdered into sand.

The sand everywhere was at Klockdar's disposal, and he could use it at will to attack.

But this pure yellow sand attack is not the slightest threat....

But Klockdar's purpose is not for this.

Several clouds of yellow sand burst out from the sand under your feet! Straight to Ling Yuqi's face!

But before this yellow sand could get close, it was instantly extinguished by the furious magic power!

"Just z..." As soon as Ling Yuqi spoke, he was about to provoke Klockdar, but he was interrupted by the sudden soft ground under his feet.

I saw that the desertified ground under Ling Yuqi's feet suddenly sank down, and a large circular bunker instantly formed around it!

The position where Ling Yuqi was standing was also at the deepest depth in the center, and it was still gradually moving downwards, continuing to flow...

The liquid-like quicksand also swallowed up the position of Ling Yuqi's ankles with the passage of time, and gradually pulled Ling Yuqi's body downward...

"The desert... Sunflower! A terrifying smile broke out at the corner of his mouth, and Klockdar used this terrifying move!

Different from other powerful moves, this move is to pull people into the quicksand alive through the suction of quicksand, bury them and die!

Since you can erode the sand I control through that strange magical power, then this trick can automatically flow and swallow the quicksand after using it, how can you block it?

Be buried alive by quicksand! Women——!

In fact, if you get stuck in quicksand, the wisest thing is not to struggle in quicksand, but patiently and slightly reverse your feet back and forth so that the "mortar" loosens and does not stick to you tightly.

Also try to keep the limbs as far apart as possible, because only the greater the surface area of the body touching the sand, the greater the buoyancy will be obtained.

As long as you have enough patience and gentle enough movements, you can slowly get out of trouble....

But this is just an ordinary person's way out of trouble, and Ling Yuqi is not an ordinary person -

Klockdar thinks that Ling Yuqi's ability to break his sand blade attack is more eroded by that weird magical power.

Being able to smash his own desert sword with one foot is also because of the hard armor condensed by that strange power.

Not really....

Ling Yuqi, who amplifies his body with magic power, can even go head-to-head with a monster like Berserker!

From the scientific point of view, pulling out the foot from quicksand requires the force to lift a car, and the body will also withstand the pulling force when pulling out.

Therefore, even if you have the power to lift a car, the physical strength cannot be reached, and pulling it out violently will inevitably damage the body.

Moreover, Klockdar, standing outside the bunker, is not idle.

Even though the quicksand is gradually eroded by the magic of evil darkness, breaking Klockdar's control, he still controls the movement of the deepest quicksand to increase the suction of the quicksand!

And if she gets out of the control of quicksand, Klockdar above will also give her a blow! Call her back again!

If such a move is useless, Klockdar himself has no choice, then he can only admit it.

After all, if you can't break her defenses, and you can't bury her alive, you won't have a move to use.

Big deal, eighteen years later he is a good man again!

It's just that what Klockdar never expected was that this woman was so simple and rude... Out of quicksand....

I saw that Ling Yuqi directly burst out of magic power and burst out from the quicksand!

The furious magic instantly dispersed the quicksand that was devouring Ling Yuqi around him! She then stepped on the quicksand lightly, determined the suction of the quicksand under her feet by magically isolating the quicksand, and easily ran towards Klockdar in the bunker!

Jumping out of the quicksand easily, Klockdar was shocked, the cigar in his mouth had already been bitten off, cold sweat flowed, and the icy coolness slowly spread from his heart, but he still did not give up a chance to manipulate the sand around his body!

Condensed a handle! The largest sand knife he has ever manipulated!

"Ultimate... Desert Knife ——! "

The blade pierced the roof, and the poor Klockdar wanted to use this powerful, giant sand blade that condensed all his strength, to seek a line... Life!

Ling Yuqi let out a pleasant "oh", smiled, and praised Klockdar's behavior of exerting stronger power.

In order to respect her opponent and let Klockdar more accurately perceive reality, the pitch-black long sword in her hand and the magic power wrapped around her body burst out with even more powerful power!

The furious magic power of black, red, and purple seems to destroy everything in the world!

Magic distorts the air! The momentum shattered the walls!

This huge building, made of hard and precious materials, was finally unsupportable and began to collapse rapidly!

In this rapidly collapsing casino, Ling Yuqi stepped on the quicksand and rushed, holding the long sword in both hands, and the ominous magic wrapped around the long sword Excalibur Morgan became more and more intense!

At the same time, an eye-protective armor suddenly condensed in front of Ling Yuqi's eyes to defend against facial attacks.

Although it seems to obscure the field of view, it does not actually have much effect on the field of view.

Ignoring the giant sand blade above his head, Ling Yuqi ran straight towards Klockdar! And whispered in his mouth,

"The lowly king... Hammer! (Vortigern ! "

The giant sand long knife falls! Chop on top of Ling Yuqi's head!

The furious magic instantly rushed overhead! The sand blade that fell on Ling Yuqi's head was touched by magic power, and it fell apart in an instant!

The giant sand knife chopped at Ling Yuqi's hair, but he couldn't cut off even a single strand of hair, and finally it was all scattered and scattered everywhere...

At the same time, Ling Yuqi swung out a sword and simply slashed at Klockdar!

His pupils widened, and Klockdar subconsciously raised his arms to block it....


But like a mantis blocking the car, it was instantly shot out! Smash heavily on the gradually shattering wall! And accelerated the speed of the collapse of the casino!

Smoke and dust, yellow sand falling....

Slowly walking in the casino where falling rocks were everywhere, Ling Yuqi said softly:

"Game over-"


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