From the moment Tesilo erupted with that powerful and special momentum, Klockdar had already recognized Tesilo's identity...

It was one of the few pirate groups that he had written down a few years ago when he was still wandering in the New World.

At that time, Klockdar, who was famous for breaking bamboo, was arrogant and did not put other pirates in his eyes at all.

Only the few pirate groups standing at the top at that time, Klockdar could not ignore.

The former scarlet hunter Tejillo is quite famous at sea.

It's just that the old Tejillo looks quite different from what he looked like when he was young.

But that bloody breath, the whole sea belongs to him.

At that time, Klockdar felt that with his evil aura, this guy must not be a good stubble.

Obviously he has such a sinful atmosphere, but he has always pretended to be a good old man who is greedy for money at sea.

Even if he hadn't encountered it, Klockdar was a little wary of him.

But Klockdar, who is so ambitious, did not choose the Tesilo Pirates as his stepping stone, but arrogantly chose the Whitebeard Pirates....

Klockdar, who ended up in a crushing defeat, settled down for a while and came to the Kingdom of Alabastan.

Until the end, he never encountered this sea thief again....

After that, the era of exploration began, tens of thousands of free people went to sea to become pirates, and the name of Scarlet Hunter Tejillo slowly disappeared in the long river of time....

Who would have thought that he would appear here.

And this former sea thief, this scarlet hunter Tejillo with a bounty of 1.539 billion, can now be such a dish, will fall into such a predicament.

This 1.5 billion bounty order, but the reward more than 20 years ago, its gold content is self-evident.

But now, he was actually played by Klockdar...

Faced with such a dilemma, Tejillo immediately decided to retreat!


He instantly turned around and slashed out a one-hit attack, cutting off several sand spears and slowing down the impact of the rear spears.

Then dodge sideways, trying to dodge towards the sea area on your side!

As things stand, Tejillo must not be able to continue his attack.

He didn't know that Klockdar's naturalization ability had disappeared, so he was a little afraid that if he used the way of injury for injury, his long sword was swinged, and the other party directly dodged the attack in advance by seeing and smelling domineering, and then he ate a few blows and pierced the damage, the problem would be big -

from the black sand sneak attack under his feet just now, piercing his calf, it can be seen that these black sand are very penetrating.

Even if his scarlet aura could be transmitted through the longsword and entangled in Klockdar, he could cause some damage to him.

But these sand spears behind him will inevitably stab themselves into hedgehogs!

If he chooses to continue to attack Klockdal, he will inevitably be backstabbed by the spear behind him, and Klockdar also steps on a black sand under his feet, and Tesilo is difficult to ensure that when he attacks, his feet will not attack again.

So he chose to dodge first, and then... Escape——!

Even if he hadn't used his full strength, Tesilo had to admit at this time that if he used his strongest blood demon form, he might not be able to defeat the current Klockdar...

Although he did not do his best, neither did Klockdar.

This battle, compared to himself, Klockdar is more like playing.

Whether it's the various uses of sand, or the freewheeling operation of strategizing...

The strength of Klockdar's ability and the method of use it now are really too restrained for him!

Except for the way of slashing to resist the sand, consuming physical strength to deal with Klockdar, the rest, Tejillo did not see the slightest chance of victory.

Even with his vampire form, he didn't have the confidence to be able to defeat Klockdar.

Because I am old, my physical strength and body do not support my ability to use this long-term use, which is harmful to my health.

If you use the blood demon form and fail to gain an advantage in Klockdar, then by then the oil will run out and you won't even be able to run.

Moreover, looking at Klockdar's appearance, even with such a wide range of arrays and offensives, Klockdar's physical strength is not as much as his own.

By this time, Tesilo was sweating profusely and his legs were injured.

And Klockdar was only breathing slightly, a few inconspicuous drops of sweat flowed from his cheeks, and the corners of his mouth still raised in an arc.

Except, there is not a trace of injury....

This blow failed, and Tejillo naturally chose to escape.

As the saying goes: stay in the green mountains, and don't be afraid of no firewood.

For Teshillo, who wanted to dodge, Klockdar immediately removed his defense, controlled the dispersion of the shield condensed by the black sand in front of him, and in an instant, he fused with the dagger in his hand again, turning into a black sand long sword.

The long sword pierced Tesilo in the dodge, and the black sand under his feet suddenly drilled out! It stabbed at Tesilo like a spike in the ground!


Tesilo kept pacing, raising his black sand slash to resist Klockdar's slash, but the power given to the longsword in his hand was not much.

As a result, he was easily knocked away by Klockdar's slash...

Tejillo retreated sharply! The sand thorns at Klockdar's feet quickly followed!

Burst! Burst! Poof——!

Pierced Tesilo's body, opened several small openings in his body....


A mouthful of blood gushed out, but Tejillo couldn't care about it.

After stabilizing his body, he shouted directly into the distance:

"The wind is tight!" Run ——!!! "

Blood spilled out of his body, dripped on the surface of the sea, and merged into the ocean in an instant.

Tesilo, who shouted out the words, followed by a step regardless of everything! Run quickly into the distance!

The domineering legs wrapped around the armed color quickly upside down on the sea, the figure blinked its eyes and became a small black dot, and then gradually disappeared on the sea level, leaving only a confused Klockdar, staying in place -


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