"It's not... He just ran away?

Klockdar's mind was a little confused, and he looked at the speeding Tesilo blankly.

Even though he was injured, Tejillo fled quickly.

Perhaps because of his life, or perhaps because he has been training with a sword for many years, Tejillo's speed is fast, which is not comparable to Klockdar.

Because now Klockdar, the only weakness is speed.

Originally, he liked to use sand for large-scale attacks, defeating opponents with absolutely overwhelming attacks, and did not like hand-to-hand combat with a face-to-face, fist-to-flesh fight.

Therefore, his physical fitness is already a bit stretched.

Even though he is now enhanced by mana and his reaction speed has increased, his movement speed is still his weak point.

Perhaps because his legs were increased by magic power, which were used to chase enemies, the B was too low for him, and he was unwilling to do so, so he allowed Tesilo to escape.

Anyway, it's just a somewhat strong ant.

If it weren't for the fact that he wanted to hone his spiritual power and control the variability of his sand, he would have been able to kill Tesilo with an absolutely powerful attack.

Not only is Klockdar's ability more restrained than Tesilo, but his own strength is much stronger than Tesilo...

The arrogant Klockdar no longer takes a sea thief like Tesilo in his eyes.

In his eyes, there may only be a great general, and an opponent of the strength of the Four Emperors.

It had to be when the other party was fighting to the death -

he couldn't help but sigh a little, how long has it been....

It's been so much since I gained my magic.

Magic power, it really deserves to be comparable to the existence of ancient weapons!

My choice, sure enough, was not wrong -

looking at the gradually sinking sand on the sea, the faint Klockdar spat out the sugar stick that had long been bitten in his mouth, with a turbid breath in his mouth....

Although the battle just now looked like playing with Tesilo, Klockdar pinched him casually, so that he couldn't even get close.

But in fact, Klockdar consumes quite a lot of physical energy, and the consumption of mana is also quite a lot.

But what made him consume the most and the most tired was the exhaustion of mental power.

In order to improve and control many different kinds of attacks, Klockdar painstakingly distracts his mind to achieve different attacks in different states.

If it weren't for the dark hearth in his body, which was running wildly to replenish his magic and strengthen his mind control, he wouldn't be able to use different kinds of black sand attacks so much.

Under the enhancement of mana, although more mana and physical strength are consumed, the control power is also greatly improved.

But even so, he was tired enough.

It looks quite indifferent, but in fact, because of the consumption of mana, he is very hungry at this time

- the high-speed operation of the mana furnace heart causes Klockdar to urgently need external energy to replenish mana.

The slightly tingling head represents the reaction formed by the overuse of mental power just now.

The strong control of many black sand still had some impact on him at this time.

But for the control of sand, Klockdar is also more and more changeable and refined, and its overall strength has improved a part.

The battle was over, his

brows frowned slightly, and Klockdar turned around, only to find...

What about people?

The endless ocean is a calm sea, and there is no speedboat docking when it comes.

Klockdar was a little confused.

"That guy, left me and ran?" Although he said with some surprise, Klockdar didn't think that the woman would run away like this.

Slowly closing his eyes, Klockdar released his perception wholeheartedly.

The perception of mana enhancement, revealing a slightly black aura, spread towards the entire sea...

Finally, on the sea in the distance, the existence of Ling Yuqi was discovered——


When the battle between Klockdar and Tesilo reached a fever pitch, Ling Yuqi, who sensed that the situation was wrong and was afraid that his speedboat would be accidentally injured and destroyed, gave his speedboat a magic barrier.

But watching the waves rise and beat violently, she suddenly decided:

watch the play in a different place.

It's good to be in the center of the battle, because you can see it clearly.

But the danger is also inevitable -

although this danger does not endanger him, Ling Yuqi does not want to take a blow in vain.

She is afraid of pain

- it is enough to have Klockdar and his one-on-one fight, she is afraid that the other party will "accidentally" give herself a blow and make herself angry, then it will be trouble.

After all, it is Klockdar's opponent, if he is on his own, isn't it a fight or two.

And originally his side is strong, and if he adds a stronger self, it will be too laipi.

Ling Yuqi, who appeared in this form, said honestly that he did not want to bully Tesilo so much.

So, she silently put away the speedboat, and at the same time a clear blue magic appeared on her body, a set of blue, light and simple clothes like sportswear were put on her body, and a blue scarf symbolizing courage was put on her body.

The ultra-short black shorts exposed the two white thighs, and the medium-length black boots only reached the lower knees, and this petite body showed the beauty of youth.

She also wore a blue cap.

This is not only to hide its true appearance, but also to suppress the dull hair on the head that has distinctive features and stands tall.

But even if it is pressed under the hat, this firm dull hair is still strong to support the body, and out of the hat, it burrowed out?!

The golden single ponytail was cocked out from behind, and under the cover of this outfit, Ling Yuqi's original identity could not be seen at first glance.

Because the temperament is very different.

This form, without the seriousness and majesty of the king, is more like a persistent naïve girl.

But the power in her body is also impossible to underestimate.

In fact, it stands to reason that this form, that is, the heroine of the mystery X, does not belong to any form of Artoria Pendragon.

She belongs to an independent heroic spirit.

The only thing that is associated with Artoria Pendragon is that she has the same face as Lia, and she claims to be the strongest version of the Saber rank.

She vows to defeat all Sabers, considers herself a decisive weapon against Saber, and hopes that all Sabers except herself will be extinct, or not Saber but Attacker or Swordman, and she can make a difference.

And although it is a decisive weapon for Saber, claiming to be the strongest version of Saber Seisuke, she is actually a heroic spirit of Assassin Seisuke...

Moreover, as a knight, the heroine of the mystery who sneaks up on herself, does not recognize her breath-blocking ability.

How could Saber have such a thing?

Thinking like this, she completely denied sealing it, causing the X-hair of the Assassin Rank to be the hall, but she didn't even cut off the lowest level aura.

Originally, the breath of X hair was blocked by EX level....

Perhaps for others, sealing EX-level aura interruption is a violent thing.

But for the enigma heroine X's heart, there may not be a breath to cut off this ability, in order to recognize her identity more -

and perhaps because the system wants to make up a seven-job introduction Artoria, but Artoria's Assassin and Berserker job introduction do not, she made up a number of mysterious heroine X, an Assassin job introduction X Mao with the same face as Artoria Pendragon, to Ling Yuqi.

Ling Yuqi accepted it gladly, and naturally he would not be vague when he used it.

Of course, she does not have the awkward mind of the heroine of mystery, X.

Therefore, she cut off the breath of the seal and unlocked it....


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