Haku turned back suddenly! The girl in blue with a slightly playful smile comes into view!

Her blonde hair fluttered in the wind, and even if it was partially covered by hats and scarves, she could not hide her beautiful face.

But for this beautiful girl who suddenly appeared behind him, Haku only felt that his body was a little cold.

In addition to himself, the rest of the pirates standing on the ship all looked at Haku with a puzzled face....

They didn't understand why Haku suddenly turned around and looked at the center of the ship like an enemy.

Obviously there is nothing there.

A strange yin wind slowly blew through, looking at Haku did not pretend to have a serious expression, the pirates on the ship also felt the seriousness of the situation at this time.

They followed Haku's line of sight and looked at the location of Ling Yuqi in the center, but they directly ignored Ling Yuqi's existence, and only felt that it was an open space.

Their hearts were a little anxious, and they clenched their weapons in their hands, and a trace of panic could not help but appear in their eyes.

We...... It won't be... Met a ghost!

Haku didn't know what was happening to the others, but he was aware of the confusion and panic in their eyes.

They don't seem to see this girl in blue under the canvas...

Such a strange scene makes the heart can't help but have fearful emotions.

Clenching his fists slightly, Haku forcibly suppressed some flustered emotions in his heart, and forced himself to ask calmly: "... Are you, who are you?

"Me? Ha-" For Haku's question, Ling Yuqi smiled softly and said casually: "I'm just a Kamen Rider passing by. "

Kamen Rider? So what is it?

For Ling Yuqi's response, Haku's heart was full of questions.

But Ling Yuqi didn't bother to give him an answer, which was her own random nonsense, and she didn't feel that she needed to explain anything to him...

Instead, she ignored Haku's doubtful look and asked with curiosity: "You... Isn't it a pirate who is also a group of Tesilo pirates? How did the infighting go? Want to kill the deputy captain and turn over to be the master? "

Through the perception of the strength of this pirate group, Hector who has just fallen into the sea is the strongest existence on the ship except for Tesilo.

Beyond that, it's the fishman Haku.

Compared with Haku, Hector's strength is several times stronger than him, and without Tesilo's defeat and shouts to attract Hector's attention, Haku is simply impossible to succeed in a sneak attack and directly hit Hector hard.

It can only be said that just now, it belongs to the right time and place.

Therefore, even if he did not know the position arrangement on this ship, Ling Yuqi still believed that it was several times stronger than the third strongest, and Hector, the second strongest on the ship, was naturally the deputy captain of the pirate group.

Just now, the fishman sneaked up on Hector with a heavy fist, and even Ling Yuqi was a little shocked.

She couldn't help but think in her heart: Could it be that the pirate group is not as happy as the Luffy pirate group, but is there intrigue everywhere, and people are difficult to dismantle -

so, she watched Hector violently floating on the sea, and her eyes were filled with endless blood and hatred!

She thought of something funny....

Just such a guy with endless killing intent and bloody brutality in his heart, if he let this guy escape, what kind of turmoil would he make?

This well-organized guy on the ship doesn't look like some nameless organization.

Plant a time bomb for them, and when will it explode?

Ling Yuqi suddenly had some expectations.

Wanting to flap its wings and play with the butterflies of the world, he decided to stop Haku's movements.

Whether Hector survived after diving to the bottom of the sea with serious injuries depends on his own fate.

At least, Haku, the fishman, stopped him.

Next, it's up to him.

And the questions asked are just to set a set of Haku's words, to see if the identity of the other party can be obtained....

For Ling Yuqi's question, Haku was also a little entangled in his heart.

He wondered whether to tell the other party the true identity of his group.

But I don't know what forces the other party belongs to.

Too weird and mysterious Ling Yuqi, Haku was afraid that she was a member of the world government, and after hearing that her group was a revolutionary army, she gave her all this side a quack.

With this ethereal breath, Haku believed that she alone could kill everyone on the ship!

After all, Haku didn't even know when she got on board and stood on deck.

She will not be unsuspecting like Hector and will be attacked by herself.

But if you have a sign of attack, presumably the other party will directly turn into nothingness, so that people can't detect it...

The invisible enemy, who does not even know how to defend, will only die in a gradually increasing panic, in that cold light!

The other revolutionary soldiers on the ship, who were not deaf, also heard Haku communicating with a being that they could not see at all, and their hearts became more and more terrified.

But looking at the cold sweat that gradually broke out on Haku's forehead, they couldn't help but want to step forward....

Haku just raised his right hand and signaled them not to come over for the time being.

He said: "We ... Not to be considered the crew of the Tesilo Pirates, but for some reason, they set foot on the same ship.

"The attack on Deputy Captain Hector was only because... I have a personal feud with him, and he is so strong, so with such a good opportunity, of course we will not let go of this opportunity. "

Haku the fish man doesn't tell any lies, so he can only say this in such a somewhat chaotic way.

Under Haku's explanation, Ling Yuqi only felt that listening to Jun's words was like listening to a seat.

His gaze swept over Haku, Ling Yuqi's eyebrows frowned slightly, pondering slightly for a while, and a little remembered something....

This yellow-skinned, blue-and-white wavy fishman seems to be in the plot of Dressrosa... A fishman?

Remember...... He seems to be, the revolutionary army——?

The scene suddenly became quiet, and Haku's heart became more and more uneasy...

Revolutionary...... Revolutionary...... Ha -

Ling Yuqi chuckled and said: "Well~ forget it, what do you 'pirates' love and grudge have to do with me." "

I'm here just for one, and that's... Robbery——!

"Quickly bring me all the valuable things and items on board!"


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