The pupils are slightly condensed, and such a familiar plot can't help but remind Haku of the scene just now.

It's just Tejillo vs Klockdal.

And this time, it was he who carefully stared at Ling Yuqi with his eyes on this girl,

and then he found out.

Isn't this girl in blue the blonde woman who was just on that special ship?

Just changing clothes, why the difference in temperament has become so big, I feel that my age is much younger....

Haku didn't understand, but he wouldn't make the same mistakes as Tejillo.

It is impossible to fight.

Himself, but also take the brothers of the revolutionary army, go home together.

Although the revolutionary army is short of money, life is more precious than it.

Moreover, there was not much treasure on this ship....

Tejillo and the two who had just gathered the people and wanted to hurry back to Domi Island, where did they have time to take the treasure.

"Dan! Take a few people and transport all the treasure from the ship to the deck! Haku immediately shouted at Revolutionary Army soldier Sol Dan.

Although his panicked heart was full of doubts, Sol Dan decisively carried out Haku's order.

After a while, Sol Dan led two revolutionary soldiers and took out two large bags full of treasure from the cabin.

Carrying it on the deck, Saul Dan looked at Haku and asked, "Haku, the treasure has been brought here, what are you going to do?"

Although Saul Dan also had some conjectures in his heart, after all, he knew that Haku was not a greedy person for money.

Haku, who symbolizes justice and upholds the spirit of martial artists, cannot do anything bad because of this treasure.

The action of being able to let him choose and take the treasure to the deck must have been coerced.

So...... That's the only one, who communicates with Haku, but can't see it himself... The mysterious man -

his eyes narrowed slightly, and Saul Dan looked at the clearing....

Before Haku opened his mouth, he saw the light flickering!

The two large bags of treasure that were thrown on the deck disappeared in an instant -

everyone present couldn't help but shrink their pupils, and the shock was difficult to hide.

In the hearts of most people, they really think that it seems that there are really demons at work....

Haku, on the other hand, is much more dignified.

Only at this time, the battle was over, and Klockdar, who was walking towards this side, also came under the ship.

A sea route formed by sand floats clearly on the surface of the sea, but with the passage of time, the distant sand road gradually collapses and sinks into the sea.

Because of Ling Yuqi's appearance and Haku's order, none of the people on the ship noticed the arrival of Klockdar under the sea.

Or maybe he felt that no matter how powerful Klockdar was, he was also a Devil Fruit ability, how could he run here without a boat...

And Klockdar, who silently walked under the pirate ship, looked up at the pirate ship.

Immediately jumped up, jumped directly from below, and landed smoothly on the pirate ship....

The yellow sand drifted away, and the knight appeared.

The appearance of Klockdar breaks the strange situation.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Klockdar, the people on the ship were even more frightened!

Compared to the invisible Ling Yuqi, this Klockdar, who had unleashed the ability to destroy the world in front of his eyes, was even more fearful!

Looking at the cold-faced Klockdar, people covered their mouths in horror, and their bodies stiffened and did not dare to make a sound! For fear of alarming Klockdar, he will be brutally killed by him!

Coming to the ship, Klockdar just turned his head slowly and suspiciously, looking around for something.

Obviously he sensed Ling Yuqi's breath on this ship, but he couldn't see her, which made Klockdar feel very strange.

Moreover, Ling Yuqi's aura changed again, and it was a little elusive at this time.

If it weren't for the fact that it was also a magic system, Klockdar could judge the existence of Ling Yuqi through the distinction of magic power, and he really couldn't find Ling Yuqi.

It is clear that they already have an ability of endless darkness, an ability of upright light, and now there is an ability to reduce the sense of existence that seems to be invisible, and Klockdar really doesn't know how many abilities she is hiding, which she doesn't know...

Looking at the pirates standing stiffly in place, Klockdar, who didn't know what this woman was going to do, walked to the side of the boat alone in order to prevent himself from disturbing her movements or plans.

Took out a lollipop from his pocket and held it in his mouth, ignoring the other pirates on the ship, leaning arrogantly and leisurely against the bulwark, waiting for Ling Yuqi to appear after finishing the incident...

And Ling Yuqi, who got the treasure, looked at Klockdar's appearance, which was a little funny.

Walked up to him, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "It's okay, let's go."

At this time, Haku only saw the girl in blue leave!

Then he couldn't detect Ling Yuqi's existence...

Breaking out in a cold sweat, clenched fists, and slightly bent legs, Haku was ready to fight at all times!

And seeing the blue-clothed Ling Yuqi who suddenly appeared beside him, Klockdar was not too surprised, but was a little curious about her ability to reduce her sense of existence.

But instead of lowering her sense of existence, Klockdar feels that she is standing herself in the invisible third space?

But now is not the time to think about this....

Looking at Ling Yuqi's new appearance, he immediately pointed to the pirates on the ship and said, "Don't kill them?

"Forget it, keep it useful, it's a pleasure." Ling Yuqi just waved his hand and said simply.

Immediately stopped speaking, supported the bulwark with one hand, jumped directly over, jumped over the bulwark, and fell from the air.

At the same time, in the sea below where Ling Yuqi fell, a speedboat wrapped in slightly blue magic instantly appeared...

The speedboat is not affected by the waves and floats smoothly on the sea.

Ling Yuqi then landed lightly on the speedboat, and Klockdar on the pirate ship, his cold eyes first glanced at the people on the boat, and the only one who focused on Haku's body was concerned, and then followed Ling Yuqi's movements and fell...

Without saying hello, the speedboat driven directly by the two left directly.

The people on the Tesilo pirate ship who remained could not help but tremble and collapse to the ground, breathing in the fresh air violently.

Even though Klockdar did not release his murderous aura, they still felt great pressure when they were watched by such a powerful human being!

Only Haku and Saul Dan, who have more combat experience, can still stand in place....

But the clothes on his back have long been soaked in cold sweat.

They breathed a sigh of relief, and their nervousness finally gradually recovered.

The crisis has finally passed

- -------

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