Xiu's eyebrows frowned slightly, and the icy aura gushed out, and his indifferent eyes mercilessly scanned the surrounding crowd...

As if they were being targeted by the god of death, the icy aura that suddenly came from them suddenly frightened them!

Now everyone knows that this woman is not a good stubble -

they don't dare to send any kindness, their steps quickly accelerated, they just want to quickly stay away from this place, not only because of embarrassment, but also for fear of making people angry, and then being hammered....

It's just that the

people on the opposite side of Ling Yuqi, far away on the street, are on the way to walk, as if they saw something terrifying, with a look of fear, inexplicably quickly pulled the people around them to kneel on the ground together...

When people gradually knelt down, then they saw a husky with a fish tank-like thing on his head, bouncing from a distance with great joy!

Where the smirking husky passed, the people around them all quickly retreated to the sides, and quickly lowered their heads and knelt on the ground, with a look of nervousness and fear, as if waiting for some terrible big man to appear.

And the big man did appear -

a huge figure the size of a small giant slowly came into view.

The huge body of more than six meters tall is almost comparable to the surrounding houses.

And what attracts more attention is the huge collar around his thick neck!

A little giant in simple clothes with a slave collar around his neck!

The collar is attached to a long chain.

At the end of the chain is a man dressed in a white robe and wearing a fish tank hood below.

Next to him, there was also a guy in a white suit and a white coat, who looked like a dog.

In front of him, there were two chains extending from his hands, and two naked men were lying on the ground without a trace of dignity, crawling slowly like dogs...

The man holding a few chains and being guarded in the center, with high toes, is none other than the world noble Draco, Olma Muammar Saint!

Olma Muammar is the head of the Orma family.

I like to wear sunglasses with dark lenses and love to go out and play with fanfare!

On this trip, he also brought with him the three slaves he liked to carry most on a daily basis.


the three slaves of the little giant-Saif

Creep One-Saadi

Creeper No. 2-Khamis

all have a lot of power in them.

Not to mention the little giant's six-meter-tall body, the strength alone is enough to cause great power.

And Saadi is a one-time boxing champion.

Hamis is also a swordsman with the strength of a sword man....

In fact, with the strength of three people, it is enough to form a not small pirate force.

But the three people who were PUA by Olma Muammar Saint Pua, operating spirit, and losing their dignity, did not have the slightest intention of resistance in their hearts for Olma Muammar St.

Even without the slave collar, they would most likely not resist....

On this trip, Olma Muammar also brought his dog, the general of Mammoth - Khastolovsky.

And the white-clothed guy in dog next to Olma Muammar is exactly this time, and it is also an old acquaintance guard who protects his personal safety in daily travel, CP0 - Halda!

At this time, Olma Muammar Sheng, smiling and squinting his eyes, walked leisurely and slowly in the middle of the street, ignoring the running of the dog in front of him, his eyes drifting back and forth to scan the people kneeling around...

His hand, silently placed on his waist, watching the movements of the kneeling fools on both sides of the street, Olma Muammar Saint was now in his heart, happily playing the game of the wooden man.

He was waiting, if anyone dared to make some big movements while kneeling, Olma Muammar Saint could instantly take out a pistol from his waist and accurately shoot him!

It's a little game he often plays when he's out and about, a killing game....

This kind of small game, for the Draco, is very normal -

kneeling people do not dare to say a word, even if Khastolovsky runs over to step on and hit his body, he does not dare to move, strong support the body motionless, continue to bow his head and kneel on the ground ....

Compared with pirates, sometimes, Draco, who has the world government of hypocrisy and justice as a backer, is more evil and terrifying than pirates——!

Everyone knelt, and the figure who did not kneel was very eye-catching....

Originally, seeing people kneeling and the man at the head of the fish tank gradually approaching, Klockdar subconsciously wanted to pull Ling Yuqi to the alley next to him, wanting to avoid the Draco.

After all, his identity and strength, even if he leaves directly without kneeling, the guards next to Draco will not dare to say anything more because of his identity.

No matter how crazy the Draco is, it is only noble in status, and does not have that strong strength.

Even for the self who does not kneel, no matter how angry it is, it is useless.

As for how the Draco punished their guards afterwards, that was their business.

The ruthless Klockdar doesn't care about anyone else—

but it suddenly comes to him that he is not who he once was.

Even if he provoked Draco, it was just a general.

General...... Klockdar did not feel that he would lose by fighting with it.

Even, with the special and strange ability of magic, Klockdar should have no problem easily defeating a general who is defenseless against mana.

Although up to now, he has not fought with the opponent of the real general's strength, even if he fights with Tesilo with the strength of the general, it is because his ability is extremely restrained to the other party, and the other party runs away without serious fighting.

But he is confident that there is no problem in dealing with a serious general opponent -

even if he fights against two generals, even if he is undefeated, if he wants to run, no one can stop him.

In addition to the slight disadvantage in the movement speed under his feet, the rest of the almost full pentagonal warriors Klockdar's strength is very terrifying!

Moreover, more than others, he does not have absolute weaknesses——!

In just an instant, he completely erased the jealousy that he had had for Draco.

He is not afraid of the admiral, but he will not be to the ants... No, it's a motley beast, kneel!

Even if he avoided him in order to avoid a senseless battle, Klockdar was unwilling in his heart.

The so-called world noble Draco, Klockdal really does not think it is a noble thing, even, it is lower and more evil than the profession of pirates!

Anyway, if there is a conflict and a general comes, then fight!

His Black Sand Cavalry Soldier Regiment was already hungry and thirsty!

Moreover, there is a king behind him.

Klockdar, who also has a backer, does not feel that it is only the backer of the world government, which is tougher than his mysterious British backer -

he immediately held his arms and looked with interest at the gradually approaching Draco Olma Muammar Saint ...

I have to say that Klockdar, who is strong and confident, wants to make it bad.

And Ling Yuqi, who was walking behind Klockdar, naturally saw the situation ahead.

Draco, it's just a beast—

if it's Ling Yuqi in the blue state, there is a high probability that he will declare a wave of justice.

But at this moment, she is in a dark form, and she doesn't care about the life or death of others.

If that beast wanted to provoke herself, she certainly wouldn't mind executing it casually.

But if he hadn't provoked himself, Ling Yuqi wouldn't bother to care about him.

It's just that...... Looking at Klockdar's appearance, it seemed that he wanted to have fun with that Draco.

The corners of her mouth curved slightly, and she also acquiesced to Klockdar's behavior.

For his own people, Ling Yuqi still has a lot of tolerance.

It's a big deal to fight with the navy, it's not a big problem

- like a big guy with his hands behind his back, his steps are walking a little cheerfully, Ling Yuqi is also slightly expecting, Klockdar is ready to deal with this Draco head-on.

And the lawless, unrestrained Hastolovsky was happily lying on the side of the street, kneeling on the back of a man, doing "sports".

The young man's face was extremely gloomy, and his low face was full of humiliation, but he still did not dare to move for this Hastorovsky.

Because he also knows that even if he acts of resistance, it will not help.

If you get rid of this dog, you will inevitably be targeted by that Draco-sama!

Maybe even a real, unobstructed, serious, live broadcast in public -

and live, death or becoming a slave, he doesn't want to choose!

Enver, a young pirate with a good youth, decided to endure the humiliation and engraved this humiliation in his heart——!

It's not that you don't report it, the time has not come!

After a while, I only felt that the clothes on my back were wet, and a warm current appeared from behind.

Enver, who frowned, felt the weight on his back disappear and Hastolovsky left.

Enver raised his head slightly, and quietly and deeply glanced at Khastolovsky, who was relaxed and ran away with cheerful steps, and then glanced at Olma Muammar and the others behind with his afterlight....

He firmly remembered the appearance of these guys, and then suddenly felt Hafda, the guard beside Olma Muammar, and turned his head to look at his side.

Enver quickly lowered his head and suppressed his pounding heart! Pretending that nothing happened, and burying the humiliation and hatred in my heart deep in my heart....

CP0's Hafda looked in Enver's direction because he sensed the voyeuristic gaze that was coming.

I don't know which one dared to look up and peek when kneeling.

If it were normal, he would definitely be able to find the peeping guy and arrest him in the first place.

But this time, because he was attracted by the two people standing directly in front and far away, he did not immediately find out who was peeping...

Among the two in the distance, the identity of one of them, Hafda, recognized it on the spot.

One of the seven martial seas of His Majesty, the king of the desert - Klockdar!

And the other, he didn't know.

But if you look at it with your eyes, you can see that the other party's momentum is extraordinary....

Such a look, and a big grin appeared in the Chambordi Islands, and was related to Klockdar, one of the seven martial seas of His Majesty...

Hafda felt troubled.

Even those who have just peeped are too late to care.

If the woman looks generally good, why does she have to look so beautiful!

Hafda knew how much the Draco-sama next to him liked beautiful women.

God knows what would happen if Omar Muammar Saint walked in front of the two and saw this delicate and beautiful woman with extraordinary temperament!

But the mold of the Nanabukai... It's not easy to touch!

The relationship between Qi Wuhai and the navy was already a little tense.

If there is a conflict with Klockdar at this time, things can easily turn into a collapse of trust between the navy and the entire Qibu Sea!

But if you don't maintain Draco, that's also impossible!

It is impossible for the world government to allow such a thing to happen!

And seeing that Klockdar and the two did not mean to leave directly, as if they were waiting for Omar Muamal to come over, Hafda's heart was even more nervous and oozed a lot of sweat...

After all, although the Seven Wuhai is strong and weak, on the sea, in the propaganda of the world government, people who have been fooled and lame generally believe that every pirate in the Seven Wuhai of His Majesty has a huge strength to destroy the heavens and the earth!

Each one is a famous sea thief! Don't provoke it easily -

in order to prevent the matter from getting worse, Hafda can only ask Saint Olma Muammar not to die....

Moreover, he also bent down to the ear of Olma Muammar Saint and whispered to him: "Lord Olma Muammar Holy Lord, the guy in front is one of His Majesty's Seven Martial Seas, and he is a difficult existence to mess with. When nothing happens, let's try not to provoke each other-"

Hafda dared to talk to Draco Olma Muammar Saint like this, also because Olma Muammar Saint was different from other Draco.

Although he is also crazy, he is not so ignorant.

Otherwise, Olma Muammar, who often came out to parade and have fun, would have been attacked and killed by extremist terrorists - and

hearing Hafda's reminder, Olma Muammar Sheng's gaze was also slightly condensed, no longer looking at the fools on both sides, but looking directly at the scene ahead.

Through the straight and empty street, you can see the figure of Klockdar at a glance.

But he immediately crossed the face with a playful smile, and the large body of Klockdar looked directly at the beautiful little lady behind his back and holding his hand, happy mood...

Olma Muammar's holy mouth subconsciously opened, and the color of obsession instantly revealed -


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