"This... This... This...! Olma Muammar Saint raised his trembling palm with some excitement for a while, pointed at Ling Yuqi in front of him, and subconsciously exclaimed: "How can there be such a beautiful woman under this sky!"

This look instantly reminded him of a female mermaid that he was lucky to buy at auction before.

Even in the mermaid clan, the appearance of that mermaid belongs to the apex existence.

But even so, compared with the woman in front of him, he still feels a little worse....

Moreover, this woman in front of her is not only beautiful, but also has an unusual special temperament!

It is completely different from the one she kept at home, which was once fresh and simple, timid and soft, but now she is more willful and arrogant, and her temperament is completely different!

Even if she was wearing a more casual outfit, she still couldn't hide her noble and cold temperament...

It's like a queen!

This temperament gave Olma Muammar Saint a great desire to conquer!



Miss has the queen's fragrance!

And she is such a young and beautiful queen!

But reason still forcibly suppressed the desire in the heart.

The pink light slowly faded from his eyes, and he adjusted his breathing slightly to rest his state, and Olma Muammar's head gradually cleared up a lot...

According to Hafda's reminder, the guy in front of the queen is the king of the desert, Klockdar, one of the seven martial seas of His Majesty.

But judging from the behavior of the two, their queen and Klockdar should not have any special relationship.

Either peers or whatever, the relationship will not be too close....

Stopping in place, Olma Muammar carefully stared at the two people in front of him, thinking wildly in his heart.

And Klockdar also hugged his arms with interest, playfully looking at the Draco Olma Muammar Saint in front of him, waiting for his next move.

I don't know if Hafda plus his three slaves can defeat him -

Olma Muammar, who is surging in his heart and wandering in his heart, does not dare to act rashly because of his strong reason.

No matter how good a beauty is, there is no life to enjoy, that is also blank....

The expression on Olma Muammar's face gradually turned calm, and the people kneeling around him did not dare to breathe.

And Hafda, who was beside him, was relieved to see the contemplative appearance of Saint Olma Muammar.

Because this means that what he just said was listened to by Saint Olma Muammar.

After all, in the event of a conflict with His Majesty Klockdar of the Seven Martial Seas, Hafda had no confidence that he could guarantee the safety of Lord Olma Muammar.

The natural fruit ability, the attack moves caused by the battle, are basically extremely huge!

For his attack, he can dodge, and the slaves may be able to resist, but Saint Olma Muammar, who does not have a little strength, can not withstand it.

If Saint Olma Muammar died, he would not be able to escape death——!

It's just that...... After thinking for a long time, a smile rose at the corner of his mouth, but Olma Muammar Saint directly moved and walked towards the two people in front!

Hafda's heart was pounding!

He couldn't guess what Saint Olma Muammar was thinking, and he didn't know what he was walking towards the two for.

Whether it was looking for something, or what, Hafda did not know.

He can only guard against everything pulling his senses and be wary of all the movements of Klockdar ahead!

Soon, Saint Olma Muammar walked up to Klockdar.

He did not put on the arrogant posture of Draco, but stretched out his right hand at Klockdar with a kind smile on his face and said: "Brave and powerful King of the Desert, hello Lord Klockdar, I am Olma Muammar St.

"For a long time, your daimyo has been prepared for you at the rear, and you can enjoy a face and eat together?"


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