"Qinghe City."

Si Xiao looked at the scroll in his hand and frowned.

Exactly a map.

There is no need to keep an unrelated map away, this should not be this map of the city.

Come to think of it.

Si Xiao didn't care for the time being, took the map into his arms, and reached out to probe Ye Feng's body

[Endless extraction! ] ]

Si Xiao meditated in his heart, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

[Extraction successful: You have gained 2 attribute points. 】

[Extraction is successful, you have obtained talent [spiral qi energy (A)]].

【Spiral gas strength (A)].

・Creates a spiral air flow around the body, which can also act on weapons.

・The consumption of physical strength and power is affected by speed, and the range is affected by strength.


Si Xiao had a glimmer of realization in his mind, as if this was his innate ability.

Various ways of using it quickly evolve in my mind.

It was as if he had been practicing for countless years, and he was more skilled than Ye Feng had used before.

'Is this the effect of insight?' Does it mean that I can comprehend any knowledge in an instant? ’

Si Xiao frowned, a little confused.

Perhaps, it is the secondary tape effect of endless extraction is not certain.

But what he lacked most before was aggression.


Even this only shortcoming has been filled.

Between thoughts.

Si Xiao decided to try it immediately, and as soon as his mind moved, the invisible air flow flowed on his fingertips in a spiral shape.

He pointed to Ye Feng's corpse, and as soon as he approached, the T-shirt in front of him was torn to pieces, pulling the flesh and blood.

Ponder for a moment.

Si Xiao got up

The air flow from the fingertips slowly became faster and faster, and several fine wounds appeared on the fingers instantly.


Si Xiao was a little speechless.

The physique is not enough, and I don't even have the qualifications to use it.

No wonder Ye Feng wanted to apply the spiral qi to the weapon, which simply hurt himself before hurting the enemy.


Si Xiao sighed, walked towards the piece of flesh that I didn't know was the zombie, and used endless extraction.

【Extraction failed, the item has no extractable elements and cannot be extracted.】 】

As expected.

Sure enough, it was broken into this bird, and I couldn't even tell whether it was a person or anything, and naturally I couldn't extract anything.

In this case, the integrity of the body must also be considered." ’

Si Xiao touched his chin and thought to himself, opening the panel in his heart.

[Name: Si Xiao].

[Reincarnation number: 7].

[Title: None].

[Attributes]: Physique 20; Power 13; Agile; 17; Mental 21 (10 for normal adults. )

[Talent One]:

Endless Extraction (SSS).

All non-living objects can be extracted.

After extraction, it can produce unexpected effects.

[Talent Two]:


Quickly understand and apply what you have learned.

The higher the spirit, the faster the learning speed.

[Talent 3]:

Spiral gas strength (A).

・Creates a spiral air flow around the body, which can also act on weapons.

・The consumption of physical strength and power is affected by speed, and the range is affected by strength.

[Skill]: None

[Equipment]: None

[Attribute Point]: 18.

After sorting out the harvest, there are 18 attribute points, which is equivalent to the Ohga Sun, and they have to kill more than 180 zombies to catch up.

Originally, I also wanted to add attribute points to speed

But the range of spiral qi was affected by the force, and Si Xiao also had to change his attention.

After all, looking at Ye Feng's performance, he was already able to tear the zombie into minced meat.

If you target people and zombies, the speed is enough for the time being.

And the most terrifying thing about zombies is undoubtedly the number of crushing, the more natural the range, the faster it will kill.


[Add a little success! ] 】

[The current agility is 20 points! ] 】

[Add a little success! ] 】

[The current power is 28 points! ] 】

He increased his speed to 20 points, and then all the remaining attribute points were on the power, as long as he could run faster than zombies for the time being.


Although his body shape did not change, Si Xiao felt that his muscles were more condensed and his legs became lighter and smarter.

It's just that.

He was still a little confused.

There are indeed many people in the world who run fast but have little strength, or who have a muscular body and a weak body, but they are not too bad.

If the attributes of a certain image exceed too much, whether the body can resist is still a question.

It's a bit of a deformity.

Can't figure it out.

Si Xiao gave up instantly, and then experimented when there were extra attribute points.

Between thoughts.

He climbed past the monster corpse and returned to the fourth floor, only to find that everyone was sitting on the ground against the wall, their expressions a little gloomy.

Although I know that it is a zombie, it looks similar to a person.

Just killed someone, and my heart is indeed a little uncomfortable.

"You went to touch the corpse again?"

Jing Chengye looked at Si Xiao who walked back to the fourth floor, and said with some doubts, "Did you touch something?" "


Si Xiao stared at him expressionlessly.

Speaking of which

It's time to think about what to do with these people.

His attributes now exceed 20, more than twice that of ordinary people, and undoubtedly far beyond these people.

Within two steps.

He has the confidence that he can instantly kill anyone in front of him, but beyond this distance, it may not be.

What's more,

There are also lessons from Ye Feng's past.

As long as the strength is not against the sky, when the number exceeds a certain level, it is definitely not something that personal strength can compete with.

Hesitate for a moment,

Si Xiao still decided to cooperate temporarily, the longer the time, the more obvious his advantages would become.


Seeing that Si Xiao did not respond, Jing Cheng's eyes quickly got up, and his eyes lit up, "Did you find something good." "

"I said yes."

At this time, Qinghai Tetsuya looked at Jing Chengye with some disdain, "You guy, are you playing a game?" Can you not always stare at those broken rewards, if you have the ability to kill zombies yourself to earn attribute points, isn't it over? "

Qinghai Zheye is also very true and has put up with this guy for a long time.

It's just a giant baby, always staring at whether others have made any benefits, annoying to death.

"Me me, I didn't mean that."

Jing Chengye's face turned red, and he said a little embarrassed, "I just asked, if I don't say it, I won't say it." "

"Huh." Aomi Tetsuya sneered.


At this time, Si Xiao took out the map from his arms and said, "What I found from that guy from Ye Feng is probably a map of this city?" "

"That's it?"

Jing Chengye was a little disgusted.

You can't eat or drink, you can't increase your strength, you have to have ghosts.

"How could he have a map of the city."

Hearing this, Ohga Sun looked up and said with some doubt.

"I probably found it in the principal's office and the staff room."

Si Xiao shrugged and said, "Then, hide it." "

"I knew that guy wasn't a good thing."

Qinghai Tetsuya sneered, a little disdainful.

Found something and hid it, obviously from the beginning, Ye Feng did not intend to take them.

"Open it for everyone to see."

Ohga Sun looked at everyone and said with a smile.

In addition to Jing Chengye, several people looked at Si Xiao, the map was not a useless thing.


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