"No problem."

Si Xiao sat on the ground and spread out the map, but only Ohga Sun and Aomi Tetsuya came up, and the others still sat on the ground to rest.

After all,

Not even sure if tomorrow will be alive, there is no point in knowing more.

The three sat on the ground and looked at the map.

This is a high school, and the school is equipped with playgrounds, canteens and dormitories in addition to teaching buildings.

"It's so far."

At this time, Ohga Sun murmured.

"How far is it there?" Qinghai Zhe was also a little puzzled.


Ohga Sun pointed to the east of the map school: "The TV tower should be the location of the corpse king on the main quest, it is about three hundred kilometers away from us, even if you drive, I am afraid it will take more than six hours." "

"You're really confident."

Si Xiao glanced up at him.

Even before the school came out, the zombies didn't kill a few, and they began to think about killing the corpse king.

It has to be said.

Although it is not as good as him, Ohga Sun's heart is indeed good, and it is adjusted so quickly.

"Not really."

Ohga Sun said with a smile, "People who are not far away must have near worries, and it is okay to think about it." "

"But then again."

Qinghai Zheye turned his head to look at Si Xiao, and said with a serious face, "Si Xiaojun, you made a plan for us again, helped us strengthen our weapons, always stood in the front to deal with zombies, and shared information with us, thank you very much." "

This statement came out.

Under the snow and Karuizawa couldn't help but look up at Si Xiao.

If Si Xiao hadn't been there, they might all have died.

"No need."

Si Xiao glanced at Qinghai Tetsuya and said flatly.

This guy is okay, but it's a pity stupid.

As for whether Aomi Tetsuya's gratitude was true or not, he didn't care.

"And Si Xiaojun, you are really powerful."

Qinghai Zhe also said with some admiration, "I was able to kill ten zombies at once before, and even Brother Sun slowed down for a long time before he dared to kill the second one." "


Ohga Sun also took over the topic, nodded with some admiration and smiled

"Si Xiaojun, did you have experience in this area before?"


At this time,

Jing Cheng also glanced at the blue and white school uniform on Si Xiao's body, and said with a sneer

"You think too much, he's wearing our school uniform, and he's still a student."


Qinghai Tetsuya frowned, really a little uncomfortable with the tone of this guy's words.

He's in the quasixiao, shut up this guy's.


Da He Sun also smiled and said: "That's also a young age, I'm obviously about the same age as Si Xiao, but it seems that it's far behind." "

"Without this, Brother Sun is also very powerful."

Qinghai Zheye looked at Jing Chengye and laughed, "Just now, Si Xiaojun and Xuexia haven't come up yet, you want to throw the table, it's not Brother Sun who stopped you?" "

"Didn't I throw that away yet?"

Jing Chengye's face was swollen and red, and he glared at the other party.

Why does this guy always chase him.

On the side, Xuexia looked at each other with some fear.


Si Xiao closed his eyes and was really too lazy to respond.

Just let these guys intrigue.

If he was labeled as a murderer by Ohga Sun, I am afraid that there would be some trouble, and although Jing Chengye's words helped just now, I am afraid that he was also unintentional.

What's more,

Yukinoshita and Karuizawa should not be stupid enough to be fooled by the Ohga sun.

"That's right."

At this time,

Sitting on the ground under the snow, he looked at Si Xiao, who closed his eyes and raised his mind, and said softly: "Si Xiao, thank you just now." "

Although it is short, it can make people feel sincere.

It should be about saving her just now.

"No need."

After thinking for a moment, Si Xiao opened his eyes and said lightly, "This is what I should do, and you are as light as a cat, and it didn't take much effort." "


As soon as the words came out.

Under the snow, Xue Nai was stunned, his pale and pretty face flushed with a hint of redness, and his eyes dodged a little embarrassed

"Nope... Not... I'm a little skinny, but not quite like a cat. "


Looking at the red face under the snow, Karuizawa was instantly a little confused.

No, you're shy.

How do you feel that compared to a cat, Yukinoshita Yukino still feels that he has lifted himself up?


Jing Chengye looked at Si Xiao and frowned, a little doubtful that this guy should also be a mixed two-dimensional person.

Otherwise, how could it be such a metaphor.

Just as he was thinking this, Si Xiao looked at everyone and frowned, "Did I say something very strange?" "

Jing Cheng also instantly relaxed his heart.

"No, right?"

"Probably not."

Aomi Tetsuya and Ohga Sun spoke one after another, and the two looked at the snow under the snow and were a little puzzled.

As a matter of fact.

Yukishita Yukino was a little embarrassed to pull the hair next to her ears behind her ears.

Just now, I felt my heart beat fast.

Using the cat metaphor is simply the greatest compliment to her.

Yukino naturally feels embarrassed under the snow.

"That's right."

Si Xiao also pretended not to pay attention to it, and changed the topic: "You should have killed a few zombies, have you used the attribute points?" "

"Not yet."

"No, I would like to hear your opinion."

Karuizawa and Yukinoshita Yukino shook their heads and spoke, while the others remained silent.

"Hmm." Si Xiao nodded and said, "Then I suggest that you add attribute points to your physique first, which can increase your physical strength, at least to ensure that there will be no muscle soreness tomorrow." "

"Got it."

Karuizawa quickly nodded, anyway, just follow Si Xiao, and the others also nodded.

As for whether to listen or not, it is none of Sixiao's business.

"Add physique?"

At this time, Yukinoshita Yukino explained: "My talent, consumption is affected by spirit, range is affected by strength, casting speed is affected by speed, will it be better to add strength?" "

The larger the scope, the more versatile and helpful it is for the team, and it's not surprising to think so.

"Consumption is affected by spirit?"

"yes, what's wrong?"


Si Xiao instantly frowned.

His spiral qi is more affected by receptors.

Could it be said that one is a similar warrior, and a similar mage under the snow will be affected spiritually?


Seeing that Si Xiao did not speak, Xue Nai Xue Nai said a little apprehensively: "It's better if I add that?" "

"It's still physique."

Si Xiao looked at Xue Nai's somewhat helpless face, and said lightly, "Now your talent is within the three-meter range, right?" For the time being, you must at least ensure that your physical strength can keep up with the level of normal people. "

"Got it."

Yukishita Yukino nodded without thinking, silently adding the attribute points he had just obtained to his physique.


Jing Chengye listened to the conversation between Si Xiao and Xuexia, and his face was very ugly.

He knows.

Yukinoshita, who is strong on the surface, is actually extremely unassertive in many things.

I don't know if it was the reason for the reincarnation space that made Yukino Yuki's weakness completely exposed at an extremely fast speed.

She seems to have begun to rely on Si Xiao.

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