Zombies are scurrying around the streets, and the roars are endless.

Inside the room.

Under the snow, he sat on the ground, wrapped his hands around his long snow-white legs, and buried his head in his legs.

Only half of his small head was exposed, and his helpless beautiful eyes looked at Si Xiao on the bed and Karuizawa lying in his arms.


This is already the fourth day of coming to the space of reincarnation.

Four days ago.

She had just received the good news that Shizuki Hiratsuka had allowed her to borrow a classroom and form her own club.

In a good mood, she tidied up the classroom with great interest.

I want to help people do something to change the world.


Prove your abilities to your family.

But what she never expected was.

Stunned, when he reacted again.

I came to this place called Reincarnation Space, and I am about to face zombies, which only exist in movies.

The thought of going back instantly filled her thoughts.

So much so that nothing can be thought of.

Come to think of it.

She opened the panel again.

[Name: Yukinoshita Yukino].

[Reincarnation number: 1632].

[Title: None].

[Attributes: Physique 12; Power 21; Agile 20; Spirit 7 (10 for ordinary adults).


Queen of Ice (SS).

• The ruler of ice, who controls all the ice elements in the world and has absolute resistance to ice.

Consumption is affected by spirit; The attack range is affected by strength; The casting speed is affected by the speed; Protects against receptor influences.

[Skill: None].

[Equipment: None].

[Attribute point: 0].

The self under the panel is so mediocre.

She also slowly killed a lot of zombies at the school gate yesterday.

And yet,

After killing so many zombies, the physique can reach the level of ordinary people.

The usually cool head, the proud intelligence, and the horseback riding and aikido that are good at all have no effect.

This is one of the reasons why she is so lost.

She couldn't do anything.

Without Si Xiao's calm mind and command ability, his physique is far inferior to Ohga Sun, and killing zombies is not as good as Qinghai Tetsuya and Jing Chengye, and his mentality is not as good as that of Karai Zemei.

Yukishita Yukino realized that he was so useless.

If it weren't for Si Xiao's presence, she suspected that she would probably die soon, and she wouldn't be able to live until now.

As a matter of fact.

The role of Xue Nai under the snow is irreplaceable, and its importance is even greater than that of Si Xiao.

It's just that.

She is too demanding of herself and does not see her own merits.


At this time, the roar of the zombie sounded again.

'Si Xiao, lend me a little courage. ’

Yukishita Yuki's shoulders trembled, and she quickly pulled Sixiao's palm.

Although it is clear that as long as they do not make any sound, the zombies should not be able to detect them and cannot attack them.

But she was still scared.

Sure enough, it was the same as Karuizawa said.

Pulling Si Xiao's palm seemed to make her feel much more at ease.


Early morning.

Si Xiao was awakened by the roar of the zombie and quickly got up.

Only to find out.

Karuizawa was lying in her arms dressed, and Yukino was crawling on the side of the bed and falling asleep, and her palm was firmly held in her hand.


Si Xiaochang breathed a sigh of relief.

It's been so tiring these days.

He was not as naïve as Yukinoshita and others.

Not only must he find a way to deal with the zombies, but he also has to always be on guard against Yukinoshita Yukino, Karuizawa, Ohga Sun, Inori Ye, and Tetsuya Qinghai.

It is also necessary to gradually stimulate Ohga Sun, giving him the opportunity to betray, so as to test the attitude of Yukinoshita Yukino and Karuizawa.

In simple terms.

It was only a matter of time before Ohga Sun betrayed, but it was also forced by him step by step.

Right now.

He was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Because, he has already acquired two trusted teammates.

Yukinoshita Yukino and Karuizawa passed his test perfectly.

Since even such a good opportunity has been missed, I believe that it will be impossible to betray in the future.


Si Xiao seemed to be much more relaxed.

He looked at the two people around him Yukoshita and Karuizawa, and the corners of his mouth were softer.

He doesn't like to be a calm person who puts on a straight face every day.

It's just more rational, and the conditions really don't allow it.

I saw that the two women were still asleep

He opened the panel again, wanting to see how many attribute points he had earned just now.

[Name: Si Xiao].

[Reincarnation number: 7].


Brave: Only those who understand the true meaning of the brave can wear it, the use time is 30 minutes, the four-dimensional attribute is doubled within 30 minutes, and the cooldown time is 24 hours.

[Attributes: Physique 68; Force 102; Agile 20; Spirit 21 (10 for normal adults. )】

[Talent One]:

Endless Extraction (SSS).

All non-living objects can be extracted.

After extraction, it can produce unexpected effects.

[Talent Two]:


Quickly understand and apply what you have learned.

The higher the spirit, the faster the learning speed.

[Talent 3]:

Spiral gas strength (A).

・Creates a spiral air flow around the body, which can also act on weapons.

・Consumption of physical strength and power are affected by speed.

[Skill]: None

[Equipment]: None

[Attribute point]: 86.


Did something dangle just now?


Si Xiao raised his eyebrows.

What, that's coming?

He quickly looked at the previous killing record, it was actually rewarded when killing zombies, and the system beeped non-stop, and he forgot for a while.

Wouldn't it be a reward when I said courage was." ’

Si Xiao pulled out his left hand, which was suppressed by Karuizawa, and touched his chin.

He just forced casually, and after reading the original book, he naturally knew the past of the two women, and deliberately took the opportunity to say it to fool Yukishita and Karuizawa.

There is actually such a reward?

The four-dimensional attribute is doubled, except for the cooldown time.

That's too perverted.

If there were 100,000 attributes, wouldn't it be directly overturned?

It's like winning the lottery.

Si Xiao was delighted and quickly looked at it.

86 attribute points.

It means that he directly killed more than 800 zombies with that blow.


The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

As long as you dare to take risks, killing zombies is fast.

But it's the same for everyone else.


Si Xiao then frowned.

According to the bald man's heavy machine gun, the zombies are killed in pieces, how fast should they be killed.

Thinking of this, he looked at Yukino under the snow crawling next to the bed.

Under the snow and the Ohga Sun should also have the same potential, or even above this.

It's just that the bald man is clearly a madman.

Or become a god,

Or kill yourself.

And Yukino under the snow obviously does not have enough heart.

Although there has been some improvement, even now, under the snow, there is no opinion, and even the dependence on him is becoming more and more serious.


As long as the mind is enough, the offensive talent has such potential.


Think of this.

Si Xiao felt helpless.

Endless Extraction is more biased towards growth, and the more he can use is Ye Feng's A-grade talent.

Sure enough, while killing zombies, he should aim his direction at those reincarnations.

As long as you kill enough reincarnations.

The more talents you get, the greater the increase in combat power, and the more comprehensive your own abilities can be.

The bald man didn't feel very strong to him.

After all, even if you kill thousands of them a day, the average four-dimensional is only dozens of attributes.

It was only the advantage of distance that left him helpless.

"Well, Brother Xiao, it's not possible there."

At this time, Karuizawa and Yukinoshita also woke up.

What the hell is this guy dreaming about?

Si Xiao looked at Xuexia holding his palm tightly, and his expression was a little playful.


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