"Brother Xiao, are you awake?"

Karuizawa rubbed his eyes and muttered.

"Well, good morning."

"Good morning."

Karuizawa obviously hadn't woken up yet, and was in a half-confused state.

"Good morning."

At this time, Xuexia also rubbed his eyes, looking at Si Xiao and saying hello:

"Si Xiao, are you all right?"


Seeing that Si Xiao did not respond, but stared at himself with some playful eyes, Xue Nai frowned slightly.

She looked down at herself to see if there was anything wrong, only to find that she held Si Xiao's palm at some point.

He also squeezed tightly, as if he was afraid of losing him.

"I'm sorry."

Yukishita Yuki's face turned red, and she released her palm in panic.

If you touch people without consent, it is really annoying.

"Is there anything to eat?"

Si Xiao asked without care.

Yesterday the supplies on the bus were burned clean, and now there is really not a drop left.

"There are only some instant noodles here, I'll eat them for you next."

Yukishita looked flustered and ran into the kitchen.

It was so shameless, how could she touch Si Xiao's hand casually.


Si Xiao looked at her back, and the corner of his mouth unconsciously raised a smile.

Karuizawa, who is weak on the surface, is actually very strong, but Yukinoshita Yukinoshita, who is strong on the surface, is a little weak inside.


Karuizawa's gaze alternated back and forth between the two, and said a little strangely: "Brother Xiao, how do you feel that you have changed?" "

"What's wrong?"

"I feel that my expression is much softer than before."


Si Xiao smiled and touched his cheek.

It's normal.

With a trusted companion, the mindset is completely different from the beginning.

He is not a rigid person.

"You slept in my arms yesterday?"

Si Xiao glanced at himself who was naked, and looked at Karuizawa with some playfulness.


Karuizawa blinked, and quickly defended: "It's so strange, I must have been too tired to accidentally fall asleep." "

"Forget it, go and help me find a dress."

Si Xiao touched her little head indifferently and said with a smile: "I'll have something to tell you later." "


Si Xiao took a shower by the way.

There are some unused toothpaste and other materials here, even Karuizawa and others do not dislike it, and he naturally does not dislike it.

In the last days, there is no qualification for disgust.

"It's worthy of being under the snow, and it's really delicious underneath."

Si Xiao nodded and praised with some playfulness.

It's a pity that the supplies are still too little, he just glanced at it, there is only a box of instant noodles.

It seems that it is also a family of three.

Even the clothes are pure white PORO cedar, a pair of uncle fan.

"It's just an ordinary level, it's just that the materials are not enough, otherwise it can be done better."

Yukishita didn't hear his deep meaning at all.

Several people had breakfast.

Sitting around a low table, Si Xiao spread the map on the table.

"I have something to tell you."

Si Xiao exhaled deeply and confessed, "Actually, my talent is not a C-level enhanced talent, but an endless extraction of SSS, which can extract some unexpected things from non-living things. "

"That really was yesterday..."

Yukishita reacted instantly.

"That's right, that's Ye Feng's talent, which I extracted."

Si Xiao nodded frankly: "Moreover, if the corpse is complete, a small number of attribute points can be extracted from the corpse." "

"My current physique is 68; Force 102; Speed 102; Spirit 25. "

That's right.

According to the attack range of yesterday, it is completely sufficient.

He directly filled the speed, and the remaining 4 points were added to the spirit.


Under the snow, Yukino was stunned.

Their talent is only about 20, and Si Xiao has already broken two hundreds.

And obviously the same talent.

Ye Feng began to kill dozens of zombies with difficulty, and Si Xiao killed hundreds with one blow.

"That's awesome."

Karuizawa's eyes lit up: "Doesn't that mean that Brother Xiao is now the same as Superman?" "

"It's not that exaggerated, you can lift a car at most."

Si Xiao shrugged indifferently.

According to the speed at which the bald man killed the zombies yesterday, this attribute is probably far from enough.

Tell them what you can do.

The main thing is that Yukinoshita and Karuizawa have gained his approval.

Otherwise, Si Xiao would never have said it.

On the other hand,

Having a clear understanding of his strength is also good for the team.

Secondly, it is to tell them the conditions for their extraction under the snow, so that they can pay more attention when killing zombies, so that they can grow up.

"That's awesome."

Karuizawa shouted sharply, tentatively poked Sixiao's arm, wanting to see what was the difference from ordinary people, but there was no difference.

She found that Si Xiao was much better at talking than before.

"This... Wouldn't you have been able to go alone yesterday? "

Xue Nai looked at Si Xiao with a complicated expression.

But they still have to take everything with them, and compared to Ohga Sun, it is simply a high judgment.

"Yes, yes, yes."

Si Xiao nodded frankly: "But we are a team after all, and we should save you." "

"Individual strength is limited after all, even if the world is invincible, there are some trivial things that need to be handled by the team, even if there is a mistake, there can be a teammate to assist."

"What's more, we are only now glimpsing the tip of the iceberg of this world, arrogance is a taboo, and the existence of a team is necessary."

"On the other hand, it is to test you, to tell you the truth, if you had done something wrong to me yesterday, I would have killed you at that time."

After all, this is already the confession.

As long as you think a little afterwards, you can figure it out a little.

It's better to confess directly to the two.

"This way, it's worthy of you."

Yukinoshita Yukino was full of admiration and said that he had learned.

Don't think there's anything wrong.

After all, everyone is not familiar, let alone talk about trust.

Some temptations are also taken for granted.

I'm afraid that she is too naïve, and Si Xiao's approach is the right choice.

"Brother Naxiao."

Karuizawa said a little apprehensively, "Have we gained your trust now?" "

"Of course."

Si Xiao nodded with a smile.


Instantly, Karuizawa waved his arms excitedly, jumped up and hugged Si Xiao's neck.

No wonder Si Xiao ignored her before, it turned out that he didn't trust her.

Karuizawa didn't think there was anything wrong.

After all, she didn't trust anyone in the first place.

On the contrary, now, it means that her relationship with Si Xiao is one step closer, and it is worth rejoicing.


At this time, the zombies downstairs let out a violent roar, and Karuizawa quickly covered the corners of his mouth, and he was too excited.

"Go over and take a look."

The two women followed Si Xiao and came to the balcony.

They converged with the zombies attracted by the bald man, and the streets were full of densely packed zombies.

At a glance, there are about 10,000 of them, standing downstairs with their heads up and watching them.


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